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Welcome to The History Chicks media recap emporium!

In 2011 we began our women’s history podcast, The History Chicks; in 2017, we began historically based recap episodes of the Netflix show Anne with an E on The History Chicks podcast. We had a lot of fun with it and found other shows that we wanted to take an episode-by-episode look at. The idea gates were open! We started talking about other ideas that we would like to cover but didn’t fit into the format of The History Chicks’ classic women’s biographies: Books, movies, television/streaming shows, special guests, museums…men? Why not? All historically-themed annotation of any kind of media.

We are still producing our first love, women’s history bios, under the podcast The History Chicks, but we decided that we needed an entirely separate, second podcast to house the smorgasbord of subjects we also wanted to talk about. We’re going to begin with The Crown, Season Two simply because of timing–it’s dropping at the same time The Recappery is launching. (We’ll go back, recap Season One and post those in the episode line-up later.)

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Beckett and Susan


Anne With an E, Season 2

Little Women

The Crown, Season 2

The Crown, Season 3

Episode 1: Olding