The Crown Recap : Episode 7, Season 2 : Matrimonium


Princess Margaret is going to the chapel and she’s gonna get maaaaried…except this is Margaret and she can’t do things the easy way, can she?   

She cannot. Which is great for us because it makes such good TV! When she finds out that original, one-true-love Peter Townsend, is getting hitched, she wants to beat him with a marriage announcement of her own. She finds a willing Alter-Partner (who has his some less than admirable reasons for wanting to marry her) but her sister’s reproductive properties leave Margaret flat on her face long before the finish line. (Spoiler alert, in real life he beat her to marriage by over a year but we don’t get too hung up on timelines over here.)

Here’s some background music from this episode. This site has ALL the episodes’ music curated quite nicely: TuneFind.


After that greeting, you really shouldn’t be shocked at the contents, Honey.


When one is heartbroken, one must make a desperate move. She could have just got her hair cut, but no.


Gazelli Art House is a real place and that view is pretty accurate (for the time.) Wedding planning? This place is pretty historic, Gretna Green, Scotland.


Duckface! How have you been? ( Answer: Busy acting. The wonderful actress that is so great at making us hate her characters is Anna Chancellor, here’s her IMDB page.) Want to hear what one of her other sons had to say about life with Lady Rosse as a mum? Plus there’s lots of pictures.  The 7th Earl of Rosse Speaks


We keep it PG around here so this is the only way we’ll show Jacqui Chan and Tony. Here is her IMDB page (she’s still alive as of 1/26/18.)


…and the only way we’ll show the Frys.


Why Margaret had to wait to announce her wedding? Her sister had to “pull a pint” first.



The Queen Mum has no problem embracing the modern age! Come on Elizabeth and Phillip, what’s your problem?

She does look happy…but why? We discuss that a lot (but could it be the Poltimore tiara?)

We talked about Twilight Sleep (Cafe Mom article for more) and came up with several reasons why this (spoiler alert) ill fated marriage may have happened. Here’s one version from the Daily Mail.

Finally, this is so brilliant and the video so great at showing how it works we’ll give them a little free advertising here.





Photo credit: Netflix; Still Clips, The History Chicks via Netflix