What would you serve Dorothy Parker for dinner? When are you covering the Schuyler sisters? What would you tell your high school history teacher? We get a lot of questions and love them all (except maybe the mean ones). Some are asked quite often or were so good that we thought, “hmmm, maybe a lot more people would like to know this but were too busy to ask it, perhaps we should have a colloquy,” (because we’re fancy like that.)

And then Beckett talked Susan out of actually using the word, “colloquy.”

See? Fancy.

See? Fancy.

None of the questions that we answer in this episode were on the first Q&A and we turned the tables with some questions for you. Clearly we spare no expense for an interactive experience here at The History Chicks.

Beckett wasn't kidding, this is a big margarita.

Beckett wasn’t kidding, this is a big margarita.

Because jammies know no time limits for Susan

Because jammies know no time limits for Susan (and before you ask, the shirt is from Bayou 44)       (not sponsored)




A printable PDF for The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge to help you keep track. (And the blog that it’s from is a lovely example of the kind of rabbit hole Susan will fall into when she’s tired.)



book club query

Speaking of books, if you are interested in running an online History Chicks Book Club, drop us an email at chicks@thehistorychicks.com and- in as few words as possible– give us an idea of HOW you will run it and WHY you want to. Have you run one of these before?  Do you have time for it? And – this is a little awkward because you certainly are on the up and up- why should we let you run the official book club? We didn’t think this through enough during the show, but we should probably be at least a little careful about letting someone into our History Chicks coterie. (Again with the fancy words, Susan?)


The amazing art that didn’t (yet) make it to Beckett’s walls is by Lisa Norris at Madebyonegirl.com.

Scarlett Johansson is set to play Zelda Fitzgerald on the big screen in The Beautiful and the Damned! Let’s hope, hope, hope that the writers are on Team Zelda.

Clara as Victoria? Yes, please! Jenna Coleman to star as Queen Victoria in a new series coming to our US PBS stations in 2017.



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