On January 20, 2011, we launched the show with a three-minute introduction explaining what this podcast was going to be. It was recorded the very first time we sat down in front of a microphone and it’s a little…raw. Truth be told, we didn’t fully know what the show was going to be like, we just had a vague idea: women’s biographies told conversationally with a touch of irreverence. Likewise, we had no clue what being a podcaster meant, Beckett always describes that time as a, “nearly vertical learning curve.”

Today, ten years and 217 episodes later, we have a better grip on what the show is and what it means to us to be able to share these stories, but what does it mean to you, Dear Listener? A lot of podcasts have clever names for their listeners, but we have always thought of you as friends on the other side of our mics; like you’re across from us at a table. “Friends” it is.

We asked you, our Friends, four questions and gave you the opportunity to record your answers. This episode is a collection of those answers- along with commentary from us. We thought that this was the best way for us to celebrate this milestone WITH you.

We raise our glasses to you, Dear Friends! To those who subscribe, tell a friend, buy some merch, make any donation, head projects in the Lounge, and those who have volunteered their professional services to help us over the last 10 years: Thank you! Cheers!