We begin with the marriage of Elizabeth to Mike Todd. Here she is with her children, Mike, and a honkin’ big diamond in 1957. Library of Congress

From the tragic death of husband number three, Mike Todd, through her two marriages to Richard Burton, and Elizabeth’s first stay at the Betty Ford Center, we look at Elizbeth’s life of wild ups, crazy downs, and a whole lot of living in between.

Next time you’re in Kansas City…you might see the Grahams there!
Every town has a Peanut. (We promise, this makes sense if you listen to the episode.)

And we still aren’t done! Elizabeth lived a big life…this is going to take three episodes.

Time Travel With The History Chicks

Media recommendations will be on the shownotes for Part Three but give a listen to Walter Cronkite’s tale of that Madison Square Garden food fight NPR, All Things Considered, MIKE TODD PARTY party for the anniversary of Around the World in 80 Days.

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