Little Women Recap: Episode Three

Episode Three

We wrap up our coverage of the BBC/PBS adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel with some strong opinions, some wishy-washy opinions, some questions, and some tears.

A lot of tears actually.

This episode opens a year after the last ended, Meg is (very) pregnant, Jo is suffering writer’s block, Beth is looking worse each day and Amy is sort of finally aging into the actress.


Oh sure, ruffles will draw they eye up, uh huh, yup


It’s called “labor” for a reason


Turtle head in, right?


The pillow isn’t even keeping Laurie from listening…no, means no.


It is the same hat. Jo moves to NYC with one hat (normal) and Beckett and Susan have differing views about it (also normal.)

Professor Bhaer and Jo bond over philosophy, shared views on child labor, and telling stories of dead kids at bedtime. Hans Christian Anderson, The Angel (when this may have been a better choice, The Brave Tin Soldier)

At the beginning of her Professor Bhaer debate date…she’s studied for it (like one does) and is so very excited.

If you would like to get as excited as Jo, dive into some G.W.F.Hegel. Have fun with that. Or you may want to be easier on your brain and read Louisa May Alcott’s own failed novel, Moods, on Project Gutenberg or –shorter yet– her poem, My Beth. (And it wasn’t until this very moment that it occurred to us that we could have launched into Kiss’ Beth which would have been epic…ahh, moment lost.)

Susan carried on about Mark Stanley’s brown eyes…which do not exist. Susan is upping her fish oil and B vitamins.


What is the flower on the left? Professor Bhaer slipped it in Jo’s hand when she left NYC.

Victorian flower language (floriography…yeah it’s a word!) here is a rather long list at Language of Flowers.


Meanwhile, in Europe Laurie and Amy hug, and Aunt Carrol freaks out. And a peacock.

Beckett was able to tie Louisa May Alcott into our History Chicks episode on Queen Lili’oukalani…here is a link to that, it’s episode number 97

And if that doesn’t impress you, just take a few minutes to read up on or look at the pretty pictures of Castle Hill, Nice.

Annes Elwy is the best Beth ever.


Us, during the next half hour. Applause to you, Emily Watson. 


(The wallpaper is pretty, though.)


Yes, Illusion tulle is pretty and so is finally grown-up Amy (Kathryn Newton)…we say too little too late- what say ye?


The most mourning outfits we see from these two.


More mourning


The weird look Laurie gave Jo when he and his wife show up.


Happily ever after

Little Women, the Opera is being performed this summer in Atlanta, Georgia. If you miss that one, take a look around, there may be another production in your area. Little Women…as an OPERA!

Speaking of music-Mark Stanley sings!

Thank you for joining us as we recapped Little Women, if you haven’t listened to our coverage of the life of Louisa May Alcott on our sister-show, The History Chicks, now might be a good time. LOUISA MAY ALCOTT.

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Photo credit: PBS/BBC; Stills: The History Chicks via PBS/BBC