The Crown Recap : Episode 3, Season 2: Lisbon

Episode 3: Lisbon

Things are getting good on The Crown: All those questionably proper moves of Anthony Eden and the fellows on Phillip and Mike’s Excellent Adventure are resulting in payback time. There are consequences, Gents! Plus, our heroine, Queen Elizabeth, is starting to show her tougher and smarter side even though *cough*men are still trying to water situations down and play her.

Phillip doesn’t like wearing hats, but he’s okay with this one?


Things We Promised You During the Episode


The real video from the guys’ Antarctic adventure with penguins at the end and Mike Parker’s real news of the time (and the reality of Phillip’s beard):

More background on the conscript soldiers during the Suez Crisis, and why those young men at the train station may have been so very upset at Anthony Eden.

Prince Phillip is actually a painter, here is an article about the “I’ll paint you painting and you paint me painting” session that he had with Edward Seago.

Quite possibly the only time we’ve ever linked up to a Wikipedia article anywhere on this site, but this one has a nice graphic about coronets. Here is our favorite site for all things royal jewels (this link will take you to all of Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras.) Beckett was right, she was wearing the Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik tiara and here is more info on that one specifically at The Royal Jeweller.

Beckett was right.


Bonus tiara points for naming these two beauties (their tiaras, not the women, we all know who they are.)


The real royal reunion, smiley faces, flirty eyes and lots of hoopla.

The BBC show that Beckett was talking about where a family eats meals from different eras is BBC’s Back in Time for Dinner, the entire show isn’t on YouTube right now (at least here in the US), but you might be able to find it someplace else…like on television. Here is a preview:


Side-by-side comparison of actual footage and show footage from Season Two. *****CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR SEASON TWO*****



Our Best and Worst Dressed episode winners are…

Susan was a fan of this coat (It’s the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel coat–see Amazon Streaming.)


Beckett (unenthusiastically) chose this as her favorite


We both agree that this is a no.


Eileen! What were you thinking? (Beckett’s least favorite)


Yeah, yeah, royal garb, whatever…it’s a runner up for least favorite for Susan

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Photo credit: Netflix; Stills: The History Chicks via Netflix