In mid-September, a group of fifty travelers, two podcast hosts, and two travel organizers converged on London with the goal of standing together where history happened. Goal achieved and far exceeded!

We (the two aforementioned podcast hosts) wanted to hear from the travelers themselves about their journey, so we’ve invited them to help create this episode. You’ll hear tales of art, theater, adventure, side-quests, and lots of history– but perhaps the greatest experiences for all of the travelers were the friendships made along the way.

Laura Hart, of Like Minds Travel, had carefully planned this adventure to hit places that we have talked about on previous episodes, as well as leaving a bit of time each day for people to head out on side-quests and do things that were special to them. Thanks to technology, the entire group had met virtually long before Day One and planned these excursions together.

“Anyone want to visit the Churchill War Rooms?” someone would ask in our WhatsApp group. Next thing we knew, the side quest had been planned, people had signed up, and tickets were purchased. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It was a glorious thing to watch happen and a more glorious thing to experience.

Here are some of the highlights of our Field Trip, but listen to the episode for more details from the people who lived them!

The first thing that we did as a group was take a night-time, doube-decker bus tour of this beautiful city!
We braved the chill to see the glistening sites.
Day one included a tour of Westminster Abbey AND a romp through Buckingham Palace on the last day it was open for their season! One small corner of the palace from across a pond.

First group photo! In front of the Tower of London!
As we entered for our private viewing of the Crown Jewels!

Yes, Jett, the Tower of London is very similar to a RenFest with a very important difference.
Just a tiny corner of Blenheim Palace’s gardens…the secret isn’t that this is here, it’s how to get in.

We broke into two groups for a Suffragette walking tour and heard differing opinions on this woman: Emmeline Pankhurst

Our private Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea and etiquette lesson with Eileen Donaghey, The Afternoon Tea Expert

Jane Austen Day! This was the desk where she wrote!

Jane Day AND Highclere Castle Day!

Hampton Court,a castle where Henry VIII lived, was part one of a theme day.

The second part of the theme day was seeing SIX! The Musical! (The theme was the Wives of Henry VIII, get it?)

An accidental sidequest: Beckett spotted this pillar mailbox with Queen VICTORIA’S cypher near our hotel
One very proud Mom on another side-quest in the Leake Street Tunnel!

Good night London, it’s been a trip of a lifetime!

Stay tuned for announcements in the near future about Field Trips for 2024!