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Over the next several weeks we’re going to be recapping the new Netflix series, Anne with an “E”. If you’re new here- hello! Glad you found us! We hope you’ll stick around and listen to our usual fare: conversations about historical women (logically, you could start with our last one about Anne of Green Gables author, Lucy Maud Montgomery.)

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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Secondly- our shownotes are typically filled with links to learn more about what we discussed during the show and that’s what we’ll do with this series although it’s a bit more relaxed and informal (that’s a joke, we’re always relaxed and informal.) The shownotes are going to highlight just a few things we talked about…and sometimes not in complete sentences.

If you are looking for confirmation that this isn’t a Let’s Slam the 1980s’ Megan Follows Version podcast: this is NOT a Let’s Slam the 1980s’ Megan Follows Version podcast. We both love that classic series but easily found places in our hearts for Book Anne, Megan Follows Anne, and now AmyBeth McNulty Anne. What we will do is compare and contrast the new show to the 1980s’ version as well as the original book, throw in a lot of historical context and detail (it’s kind of our thing), and dot it all with our opinions and discussion about this Anne for the 20teens created and written by Moira Walley-Beckett, Emmy Award winning writer for Breaking Bad.


Episode one: Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny  (Or: This Ain’t Your Childhood Anne)


The first installment is longer than the rest and directed by Niki Caro, who wrote and directed the 2002 movie (also now available on Netflix), Whale Rider.

Whale_Rider_movie_poster buena vista international

In this pilot episode we meet Anne, the Cuthberts, and get our first views of Avonlea and Green Gables. While the basic storyline is from the L.M. Montgomery book, we get backstories and characters never seen before.

Amybeth McNulty via Netflix

Newest Anne Shirley, AmyBeth McNulty via Netflix

Newest Marilla Cuthbert, Geraldine James via Netflix

Newest Marilla Cuthbert, Geraldine James via Netflix

And the newest Matthew Cuthbert, R.H. Thomson

And the newest Matthew Cuthbert, R.H. Thomson via Netflix

Rachel Lynde loves to make cotton warp quilts and stare out the window acting as a real life NextDoor App. What’s a cotton warp quilt? Lady-N-Thread has a very nice description.cottonwrap quilt

Anne is one very well-read kid for not having had much schooling and questionable book acquiring choices. We talked about her quoting Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte which is in the  public domain and available for reading by anyone with an internet connection (dang, sorry, Anne, you would have found this very handy) thanks to Project Gutenberg.

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte (intro by….whaa? Well, that’s an interesting twist)

If you are keen to learn more about Prince Edward Island, or plan your own Anne of Green Gables pilgrimage, visit PEI Island Information or Tourism PEI.

Another book we talked about (and will be making regular appearances) The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook by Kate Macdonald, L.M. Montgomery’s granddaughter!

Kate Macdonald

Kate Macdonald

We’ll be rating each episode with glasses of Raspberry Cordial but if you would like to drink with us, here is a recipe for the kid friendly, traditional kind (we’ll share the grown-up version next time along with the official History Chicks, Anne with an “E” Drinking Game.)

See you next time, bye!