First up: Calamity Jane


Belle Starr


And we end with end with Kansas City’s own, Annie Chambers

After spending so much time talking about the Harvey Girls and Fred Harvey, we got to thinking of their contemporaries and compiled three of their stories into this one episode. Calamity Jane, Belle Starr, and Annie Chambers were brave women who made a name for themselves on paths that were far from the norm. We love that! Okay, so they may have been a bit controversial, but that’s what made them so much fun to talk about.

Belle and Jane were from a 2018 episode, and Annie goes waaaaay back to 2012. If you’re still hankerin’ for more Women of the Wild West, may we direct you to Episode 92, Annie Oakley?

For recommendations and things discussed in this episode, visit the Belle Starr and Calamity Jane or Annie Chambers shownotes.