Little Women Recap: Episode One

l-r Kathryn Newton (Amy), Willa Fitzgerald (Meg), Maya Hawke (Jo) and Annes Elwy (Beth) imdb

The BBC aired this latest adaptation of Little Women at Christmastime, 2017, and PBS showed the newest version of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel beginning on May 13, 2018. There are three parts for three hours total, although PBS will be airing them on two nights. Here are some more ways to watch Little Women from PBS.

For our part we’ll be comparing and contrasting this version with the book, the life of Louisa May Alcott and the 1994 version with Winona Ryder…and we’ll toss in some opinions and random bits because, well, that’s what we do.

The first we see of the sisters made us both wonder what the heck was going on. Underdressing and Jo looking like Jack from The Shining and eager to get chicken goop in Meg’s hair?

In this first episode we meet the family, talk about the women behind the movie: Creator Heidi Thomas, Director Vanessa Caswell and Producer Susie Ligat, and watch all the classic scenes from the book play out.

Amy’s is shorter, but a 1/2″?


Christmas morning and our family of Transcendentalists give their breakfast away to a dreadfully poor family across town. Do not drop that, Jo.

We meet Laurie Laurence on the way to the Hummel’s, too.

Jonah Hauer-King and his amazing dimples!

In real life he’s equally adorable.


Jo and Meg get ready for a party…and fry some hair.


This is a Retiring Room, it’s where women freshened up during a dance or party…and peed.


“I carried a March.” Mr Brook has to carry Meg home from the party…also Meg learns that punch has alcohol in it.


Angela Lansbury is perfectly cast as cantankerous, brutally honest Aunt March


This Amy is so…evil. We had a lot to say about this. (Also, 12? Does she look 12?)


Premeditated evil


When Jo goes after Amy…no one is sure what to do…we had some suggestions.

We’re bringin’ it back! Crosspatch!


And we’re trying to put this in as many conversations as possible.

In addition to the actors, Orchard House is a character in itself. You have to check you local listings to find this documentary created by the fine folks at Orchard House.


Winter is, thankfully, over and the crazy kids have a beautiful day on Walden Pond…including very shy, good-listener Beth who befriends a guy who only wants to talk about cricket.


Aunt March comes over when Mrs March sends her a note asking for train money…and does a turtle impression in the kitchen.

Pickled Limes…so many recipes! Here are several on The Food Timeline

So…after the pharmacy on Main Street, Jo hatches a plan…


… to get the funds at the wig maker for Marmee to take the train to Washington and be by her husband.


25 bucks and her one beauty. Priceless.


A female with a short ‘do was a Don’t…but it’s too late.


Marmee has to leave her little women to go visit her not-so-little ill husband to end the episode.

So…the big question…Which March Sister Are You? PBS Quiz

We’ll be back in a couple weeks with Part Two of this three part series (we don’t post Recapperys the same week as The History Chicks bios.) Until then, you can always go give a listen to our coverage of Louisa May Alcott, over on that other podcast.

If you don’t want a couple big spoilers (you haven’t read Little Women yet?) do not click play on this–Rachel spoils Little Women for Joey (who spoiled The Shining.)

Photo credit BBC; Stills The History Chicks via BBC