Our new podcast girlfriend and host of Significant Others Podcast, Liza Powel O’Brien (Conan is her husband) (Yes, that Conan O’Brien.)

This isn’t a new thing for us, we just thought that it would be fun to have a conversation with another female history podcaster, and Liza graciously accepted. It’s not an interview, we don’t do those, it’s more like listening to the conversation at the next table in a coffee shop. We talk podcasting and interests and…well, just give a listen.

We’ll be back with our regular format next week, this is just a little something extra.

The podcasts that we discuss are:

Esther Perel, she has a couple of shows Where Should We Begin and How’s Work?

Under The Influence with Jo Piazza

The Baroo: A podcast for dogs and their people

And, of course, Significant Others 

End song: Daughters of History by Morning Spy