These are a few of our favorite shows

We suppose with a little effort we could make this go along with the Sound of Music song…but we aren’t willing to put in that effort. HOWEVER we do get asked, “What shows do you like?” quite a bit and thought a nice tidy place to list some of them was in order. In no way is this a comprehensive list of the shows we listen to and like, it’s more of a comprehensive list of shows we listen to and like and took the effort to list. birds listeningHistorical…ish:

The Bowery Boys


Memory Palace

The Allusionist

The British History Podcast

99% Invisible

History on Fire

You Must Remember This

Art History Babes

History of the World in 100 Objects (BBC)

Pop Culture:

Satellite Sisters

The West Wing Weekly

Gilmore Guys (whatever they are covering)

Dinner Party Download

Up Yours, Downstairs!

 All Other Stuff:

Answer Me This

Ask Me Another

Librivox (audio books as free podcasts)



This American Life