It’s been over four years since we last stepped from behind the curtain to answer questions from the other end of the mic. We put out a call in our private Facebook group, The History Chicks Lounge for questions not answered in either of our two previous Q&A episodes…and the response was fast and overwhelming! Unless you like six-hour podcasts, there isn’t time to answer all those questions in one episode, but we narrowed down the list, combined some similar ones, and then threw some of our own into the discussion after we hit RECORD.

Can we spend an hour talking and not include book references? No, we can’t.

Beckett’s ultimate life inspiration. By Rosamunde Pilcher


The David Susan couldn’t remember, David Levithan’s inter-human vessel transportation series.


Chicago’s beloved and glorious Palmer House hotel has been closed since March due to Covid issues, but they may never be able to open those glorious doors again. Read about it in the Chicago Tribune and take a virtual tour here at the Palmer House.

Like Minds Travel is organizing our Field Trip to London which is now postponed until June 2021. If you’re interested in finding out more, click on through to see the schedule and sign up to join us!


“Wait! You wrote a book?! ” No, we wrote a partially finished, not-ready-to-talk- about book. This is what happened when word got out (not because of anything we said -which was nothing.) (The hot mess of a cover has been changed.) Thank you for trying to pre-order and keeping the dream alive for us!

2022…maybe? Probably?

Not that sending us hooch is the way to our hearts, but it sure was welcome when Sailor from Uncle Nearest whiskey did! If you’re over 21, click THIS LINK to see the really amazing origin story told by LaVar Burton and recipes! We do apologize for calling it “bourbon” we know better, it was an “in the moment” thing. (Also, we don’t have a PO Box or address we give out in public.)

Quantum Leap doesn’t appear to be streaming anywhere, but you can purchase it to view on Prime Video.

(And, yes, the main character’s name was Sam Beckett.)



A hearty THANK YOU to everyone who submitted questions and all who listen! You are our reward.

All music courtesy of James Harper of Harper Active, the end song is his remix of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons