History Chicks City Quests: A Global Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to the hard work of a group of listeners, we are delighted to present this unique scavenger hunt, History Chicks City Quest!

Click the logo below to begin! You’ll find links to several City Quests full of locations that have been mentioned in podcast episodes! When you’re in that city, take a photo at the location on the list, and post that pic on Twitter, Instagram, or in our private Facebook Group, The Lounge with the hashtag  #HCCityQuest so that we can all follow along on your adventures! While there are no prizes for completing your quest (yet, stay tuned) it’s a great way for all of us to see the places we’ve been talking about over the years!

Click here to begin your adventure! Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #HCCityQuest!

Cities with History Chicks City Quests:

New York City
St. Louis
Washington, DC


A very special thank you to the people who created this game: Sarah Donnelly, Nancy Rosoff, Brandy Dickerson, Michele Steinberg, and Tabetha Gillihan Hull!