The image most have of Elizabeth Taylor, dazzling movie star…but is that really what she was?

Unlike most actors, Elizabeth never left the public view and her entire life played out on magazine covers, scandal sheets, punch lines, and news stories with tales of fact and fiction. But, in this final chapter of her life, she uses that very visible platform to bring money and awareness as a vocal ally for those stricken by a then mysterious and deadly illness, AIDS–going so far as to form her own foundation to fight the disease and support its victims. (And, just because she could, she also became the first celebrity to launch her own perfume line and company.)

Elizabeth’s star never truly faded, it just moved to a different part of the sky. Heck, even the Queen of England recognized Elizabeth for all that she had accomplished when she designated Elizabeth (and Julie Andrews at the same ceremony) a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2000. Dame Elizabeth. We love it.

Elizabeth was a loyal friend, a loving mother, a success in both entertainment and business…and, in a word that is on the brink of overuse but the best one to describe her…a trailblazer of the highest order. She lived her life her way, detractors be damned.

In 1992 she made her ONLY appearance on the Johnny Carson show. Here she is, just before her 60th birthday and wearing in her raddest black leather outfit.:

Elizabeth Taylor died on March 23, 2011, of congestive heart failure. She was 79 years old. She is interred in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetary, Los Angeles, California.

Time Travel With The History Chicks


These are pages from the indescribable mystery tome Beckett found in her library.
By Ellis Cashmore
By Donald Spoto
J. Randy Taraborrelli
M.G. Lord
by Foster Hirsch
Beckett called this one “unsubstantiated madness” but still recommended it. By Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince
By William J. Mann
Oh! she looooved her jewelry!
By Elizabeth Taylor


Want to see some of the houses Elizabeth lived in over the course of her life? Here’s a peek from the Elizabeth Taylor Archives.

All of her maaaany jewels had a story, here is the one about her favorite diamond and platinum chandelier earrings given to her by Mike Todd. The Adventurine

Vanity Fair article from 1992 about her AIDS activism.

Horse and Hound is real…and here are seven actors who found their horses on set: Horse and Hound

Follow along with Sara Sothern’s career as documented by the Cowley County (Kansas) Historical Society.

Poking around the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation you can see the work that has been and is still being done thanks to her…and get info on the Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS which will next be held this September 15th! If you go, report back, we would love to live vicariously (unless someone wants to give us tickets, we’ll use our best manners, we promise!)

Her final wedding to Larry Fortensky, thrown by her dear friend Michael Jackson was the height of media circuses! Here’s some footage from a helicopter- you’ll see peeks of the bride and an entertaining view of an univited member of the paparazzi who parachuted into the event!

Elizabeth’s obituary from her “hometown” paper, scroll down the page for her life in pictures: LA TIMES

Later this spring (date unknown right now) Katy Perry will launch her own limited series podcast about Elizabeth focusing on her life as an influencer, activist, and businesswoman. This series is done with the help of the House of Taylor and should have some never before seen or heard information. We took three episodes, but Katy and friends will take several more–there is a lot more detail out there and we are here for it! VARIETY ARTICLE ON ELIZABETH THE FIRST.

Moving Pictures!

Hahaha…you would need a lot of couch time to watch all of Elizabeth’s movies. Here is an IMDB list of them, have fun! ELIZABETH TAYLOR MOVIES

The one documentary that we recommended was Dame Elizabeth Taylor, a Tribute narrated by Hugh Bonneville…which is sort of sad since it’s not on any of the streaming services (that we can find) but it was  produced by the BBC if you want hints to track it down (try your library.)

There are also these two biopics (pronounced incorrectly by both of us as “bi-opic”):

with Sherilyn Fenn


With Lindsey Lohan

And her last couple of movies:

1994’s live action The Flintstones
2001 written by Carrie Fisher

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