To end the summer we thought we would revisit and remaster our 2011 episode about the life of Clara Barton. Her story touched both of us when we recorded it but she’s come to our minds a lot since then. The lessons from her life, including strength, perseverance, bravery and compassion are ones that we can all use in our lives at any time.

Here are the original shownotes for this episode, CLARA BARTON. We’ve learned a lot (and smoothed out some of our noob podcaster foibles) since recording this, including NOT promising special features that aren’t already written. Life got in the way of our best intentions. (Well, if we’re being honest, research for 1950’s Housewives got in the way.)


There is Clara Barton museum that has opened since we recorded this episode, it’s the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Museum in Washington, DC. Thanks to friend Peggy for the heads up on that!

End music provided by MusicAlley which is now, sadly, defunct. If anyone wants to start a royalty free music site that is as well an organized cornucopia of music as this was–please do!