Mrs Claus- subject of literature, film, and art…but who was she? (Photo Courtesy Enesco)

Mrs. Claus isn’t a one-dimensional support player in Santa’s life- when the spotlight shines on her it’s easy to see depth, wisdom, wit, beauty, endurance, and some really amazing cookie recipes. As is our tradition (and we’re all about the traditions over here) today we are sharing the story of Mrs. Claus for Christmas!

Older and wiser folks may want to preview this episode for holiday spoilers (antasay ausclay ablefay) before little ears listen. For more photos and links, visit the original SHOWNOTES HERE 

The main body of this episode is from 2014, but in the updated portion, Beckett talks about this ad for Mark & Spencer (this is the EP, there’s a 60-second version as well.)

Whatever holiday and whatever traditions you have, we hope that you and yours are able to make it very merry this year! We’ll be back in January (so long, 2020!)

Susan and Beckett

End song: Santa Will Find You, Mindy Smith, courtesy MusicAlley