Episode 8 Clue

Posted 2 May 2011 by

You all know what this one is...

4 Responses to Episode 8 Clue

  1. Annie says:

    Where are the links you refer to in your podcast? I enjoy listening but am lost when I go to your site.


    • The History Chicks says:

      They all appear in the shownotes for each woman we talk about, under the heading ” Time Travel with the History Chicks”. We do have some in our blogroll that are all time faves! Enjoy!

  2. Joe-Anna says:

    Thank you guys for an awesome podcast time after time. I feel like I’m listening to my own friend and I chitchat. I recommended you guys to my teenage Goddaughter because your shows and links can help her with her schoolwork. Keep it up!!

    • The History Chicks says:

      Thank you! We have so much fun doing the podcasts, but take extra time to post all those links for this very reason- not just teens and kids, but anyone who wants to get a kick-start on learning more!

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