Episode 14 – Clara Barton

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  1. Cyndi says:

    I am so anxious to listen!! I’ve got some catching up to do on podcasts, but I will definitely start with Clara … didn’t know her birthplace and museum was a not too far drive from my home. I’ll get back to you after I listen.

  2. Oh History Chicks! I loved, loved this podcast. My Aunt was a Red Cross lifer. She served in Japan after WWII until she retired in her seventies. She loved this organization, but like all big organizations, no matter how true and pure their aims, there are POLITICS. And there were a lot of politics in her work life. Fortunately for my Aunt, she found politics and people fascinating.

    I had no idea of Clara Barton’s remarkable story beyond that she founded the American Red Cross and the moniker, Angel of the Battlefields. So this podcast was just the best. Who knew the politics started so early? Or that wild children might just grow up to be amazing? Thanks History Chicks.

  3. Alison Abbott says:

    Hello Ladies! I just started this year listening to podcasts. It has been an enlightening journey. I just finished my Masters Degree in Psychology and using these podcasts helped a lot as you do not have the use of feedback when you study online. Anyway, Clara Barton was fascinating. I’m from NJ and now live in MD south of Glen Echo, so her geography connects me and I can relate on that point. I would like to ask where you get your material for these stories, for as you know cited material is important, and it cannot be Wikipedia or any of these that do not have current and accurate information. I have a few weeks where I can actually do some reading and I thought I would see what you could provide. I start my Masters Degree in American History in September and who knows if I will get a chance to read anything but the class material. I might add here that I am interested in starting a Podcast, too. But not on women alone, all American History as I have watched in horror as men and women signed petitions and they don’t even know what they are signing (this was an experiment domonstrated on FOX and friends one morning). My goal is to teach, but we’ll see. Either way history is my passion. I have quite a bit of history in my family, on my mothers side. Sea Captain in 1884 and much more. I am also trying to get my 25 year old to do a podcast, too, as he loves to do reviews for movies. He has to finish his degree before he does as he does not do well in the multitasking department. Thanks ladies for listening and hopefully you will respond. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

    Alison Abbott

    • The History Chicks says:

      Thanks for writing, Alison. Congratulations on your newly earned degree, that’s wonderful! We do not use Wikipedia but the books, websites and other sources that we like the best are recommended at the end of each episode’s shownotes. (We do read a lot that we wouldn’t recommend, also).

      Good luck to you on your podcast. We would suggest that you join us in the History Podcasts group on facebook. It is filled with many other podcasters (as well as listeners) who may also be able to give you start-up advice if you have specific questions.

      Thank you again for taking the time to write, and for listening!
      Susan and Beckett

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