News from The History Chicks

We  recently received news that we had been nominated for a 2011 People’s Choice Podcast Award in the Education category! How did we react to this news?

First- we were shocked.

And then we looked at the amazing podcasts that share the Education category, and we were stunned.

Then we were delighted.

Our delight stems from the fact that you, our listeners, voted to put us up for this award. THANK YOU!!!

Now we would like to ask for your vote.

We do not think of "chicks" as derogatory. We think we rock our chick-ness!

Please click this link to do just that.  While you are there, vote for your other favorite podcasts just like we will be  doing every day until October 27th when voting ends! The Bowery Boys are facing some Disney competition in the Travel category; and Filmsack is up for best Movie/Film’s all very exciting and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

Thank you, again, for listening, offering topic suggestions, dropping us notes of encouragement, and for helping us become nominated for this award.

Now what are we? Busy… researching and preparing for the next time we get to sit down together and chat about some pretty extraordinary women!

Many hearts,

Beckett and Susan

Audio Postcard #2 – Beckett and the Day of Museums

Even though I was in the midst of a family vacation, how could I resist getting back on the highway, knowing I was within striking distance of The Women’s Civil War History Museum?

The museum itself was light on artifacts, but heavy with amazing stories (most of which I’ll save for a future subject or two).

I told you about three of the many “Homefront” stories I learned there:

  1. The Bread Riots of Richmond, VA

2. The Sad Story of Jennie Wade, sole civilan killed at Gettysburg: (you might want to put this site on “mute.”)

3. The Roswell Women:

At the “regular” (i.e. “men’s) Civil War Museum, we were captivated by the submarine models. What? Subs during the Civil War? Yes, Ma’am. Read about them here:

Or here:

And what kind of a cannon fired a 42 pound ball?

An 8500 pound one, that's what kind. This one is at Fort Sumter.

And I am NOT going to depress you by recounting the tale of the drummer boy. No, no, no.

The lady at the small-town comfort-food buffet would not give me her recipe for either the meatloaf or the lemon pie. The angels wept. 🙂

And last but certainly not least, the Oscar Getz Whisky Museum, completely worth seeing in this land of Bourbon, where I met up with some old friends:

They really mean it!