Even though I was in the midst of a family vacation, how could I resist getting back on the highway, knowing I was within striking distance of The Women’s Civil War History Museum?

The museum itself was light on artifacts, but heavy with amazing stories (most of which I’ll save for a future subject or two).

I told you about three of the many “Homefront” stories I learned there:

  1. The Bread Riots of Richmond, VA

2. The Sad Story of Jennie Wade, sole civilan killed at Gettysburg: http://july1863.homestead.com/jenniewade.html (you might want to put this site on “mute.”)

3. The Roswell Women: http://www.women-will-howl.com/index.html

At the “regular” (i.e. “men’s) Civil War Museum, we were captivated by the submarine models. What? Subs during the Civil War? Yes, Ma’am. Read about them here:


Or here:


And what kind of a cannon fired a 42 pound ball?

An 8500 pound one, that's what kind. This one is at Fort Sumter.

And I am NOT going to depress you by recounting the tale of the drummer boy. No, no, no.

The lady at the small-town comfort-food buffet would not give me her recipe for either the meatloaf or the lemon pie. The angels wept. 🙂

And last but certainly not least, the Oscar Getz Whisky Museum, completely worth seeing in this land of Bourbon, where I met up with some old friends:

They really mean it!