Anne with an E Recap: Season 2, Episode 1

Youth is the Season of Hope

Anne Shirley Cuthbert and friends are back…and so are we with recaps of the Netflix series, Anne with an E, Season 2! If you are looking for our season one recaps, they are still on our History Chicks bios feed, you can find links at the bottom right of this page.

The trailer for this season:

The Netflix synopsis of this episode is “The Cuthbert’s boarders stir excitement with a question: could there be gold in Avonlea? Elsewhere, Gilbert makes a new friend at sea.” Maybe a little boring, but an accurate description. In this first episode we catch up with the Green Gables Clan about nine months after two mysterious boarders moved in with hidden, sinister intent.

We recap the episode, point out the very few book references and discuss the plot points that grabbed our attention; we meet new characters, talk of the progression of some of last season’s story lines and spotlight any historical references we find.

We also had some questions:

What kind of bird was that?


What is Anne doing with that rope in a tree?


Don’t they grow up before our eyes?


How bad are Nate and Mr. Dunlop? (Very.)


Can we all experience this much pleasure washing our hair? Please?


What kind of pie is this, Great Aunt Beatrix?


How do you drop the bait to stage a con?


Can we ship ’em? (That’s a nautical pun for the new besties, Gilbert and Bash.)


What is this in the microscope?


Is there really such a thing as too many baked goods?


We saw this in season one, didn’t we? (Yes, and a lot of other nods to the season dotted throughout this episode.)


Nate nails being sinister, doesn’t he?

There were a few links that we promised:

Haul Away Joe, lyrics and audio

23 Ways to Decorate a Pie from Buzzfeed (Pie: the Official Baked Good of The History Chicks)

Keira Knightly as Lizzie Bennet on a cliff in Pride and Prejudice (this will make zero sense if you haven’t listened to the show.)

**********************We had to put The Recappery on hiatus after posting this episode. An extended family emergency required our attention. By the time we could think about completing this season of Anne with an E, it was almost a year later and we felt that the window for a media recap of it had closed.****************************************************************************************

Photo Credits: Netflix; Stills: The History Chicks via Netflix