Shownotes: Season Three Introduction

Welcome back!

At the end of last season ( not that long ago, mere weeks) we never wrapped things up in a nice neat little package. Sorry about that! One of us had family to visit in New England, and the other needed to breathe for a bit without posting deadlines looming. Plus she had a castle to build.

Beckett's requested gift from New England: Coffee Syrup, the official drink of Rhode Island

How one of us has been using the hiatus.

But we got back together in the House of Wood the other day and caught up with our lives. We also finalized plans for the ten full length episodes of Season Three, and left ample room for minicasts sprinkled throughout.

We are VERY excited! We discuss some upcoming plans on this podcast, as well as sharing some stories that happened behind the scenes.

On to Season Three!

We can’t tell you who made the Season Three list, but we can remind you that, as promised, we will begin with a series on the Tudors! Also, as voted upon in our Guaranteed Content Poll, we will discuss the Romanovs at some point during the season.  As for the rest of the ladies- keep an eye out for clues that appear here and on all of our social media pages (facebook, twitter, and googleplus) shortly before we post episodes on this website, Itunes, and now, Stitcher!

You are just going to have to trust us, Season Three will be fun and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Thank you (again and again and again) for listening!

Beckett and Susan

Episode 01: Marie Antoinette

Episode 01: Marie Antoinette

We launch our podcast with a woman who has been long misunderstood. She is most remembered for two things, and one is completely inaccurate. That’s right, total tabloid fodder that morphed into historical “fact”.

Maria Antoine Josepha Joanna, born into Austrian royalty was a girl with a fine pedigree, stunning looks, graceful carriage and a pleasant demeanor.  The path of her life was created by her mother (whose wasn’t, right?) who took great pride and long thought into marrying off her  children not necessarily for love, but for political reasons. Her youngest daughter would be plunged into an extraordinary life in a foreign land first as the Dauphine of France, then as Queen, mother, style icon,and eventually, political prisoner and symbol .

But this isn’t a Disney Princess story.  It was one of patience, sacrifice, duty and planning, and –quite frankly- it wasn’t all big fashion, cake and champagne. That was the image, not the reality. In some regards, the history of Marie Antoinette was not only a result of her upbringing and the political climate, but she was also a victim of the social media of her time ( and yeah, ultimately, the guillotine. Ouch.) <em> <strong>(Click here for more fabulous shownotes!)</strong> </em>!