Episode 190: Elizabeth Báthory, Revisited

The only original painting of her disappeared, this is a copy of that painting done when she was about 25.

Happy Halloween! This woman’s life story is the greatest (and definitely the creepiest) mystery we’ve ever discussed! Elizabeth Báthory: Cold, blooded serial killer, or misrepresented and framed, innocent noble? Maybe both? That’s what made her story so fascinating to so many people for so many years! The truth may never be realized, but even if it is, it’s so much fun to speculate about it, and perfect for Halloween!

Snag all the good candy from anyone’s bucket and settle in for a spooky tale that left us with one solid realization: We don’t care for the gore–there is a huge Little Ears warning on this one!

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Elizabeth Báthory  

Episode 160: Empress Elisabeth, “Sisi,” of Austria Part Two

Empress Sisi at 28 by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, dress by Charles Frederick Worth (of course it was)  1865

Empress Sisi’s story often reads like a fairytale … usually because it’s fiction. The basics of her life do parallel those tales: a vivacious, beautiful young woman is chosen from all the lands as the love of the Austrian emperor. As a beloved Empress, she added a fresh energy to Viennese court while riding horses, maintaining her youthful glow, being a fashion icon, mingling with her people, and raising a family.

But the reality behind that lovely facade is s a little darker, a little sadder, and did not end in a “happily ever after.” (more…)

Episode 118: Elizabeth Báthory

The only original painting of her disappeared, this is a copy of that painting done when she was about 25. Courtesy bathory.com

We step away from our usual stories of remarkable women who overcame obstacles to create admirable good in the world to discuss this remarkable woman who overcame obstacles and created a whole lot of chaos in her world. And not the good kind. Her true story is still being debated, myths and legends swirl through it, but the facts alone are pretty horrifying.

This episode has a really loud NO LITTLE EARS warning. Also if violence, sexual assault, and blood are your triggers, you might want to go listen to Beatrix Potter or Lillian Gilbreth and skip this one. (Wow, podcasters who tell you to skip their show?! We love you, we want you to come back, so yes…or at the very least we can say that we warned you.) (more…)