Shownotes Episode 5: Dolley Payne Madison

Shownotes Episode 5: Dolley Payne Madison

Get out your best china and polish that silver! Don a feathered turban, and settle in for a chat about a woman who was not only one of the greatest hostesses in the history of party throwing,  but  a woman who was an extraordinary networker, before networking was cool. Not just another first lady…the first, First Lady.

In this episode we shine the spotlight on a woman who lived in one, Dolley Payne Todd Madison.

Dolley after shedding her Quaker garb

Dolley Payne was not born of high society, but into a simple Quaker family in North Carolina in 1768. Dolley- her given name- true!- was the third of eight children born to John and Mary Payne. The family moved when Dolley was young, first to Virginia and then to Philadelphia.

This tall, dark haired, blue eyed beauty married a Quaker lawyer, John Todd when she was 21. The couple had two sons. Tragically, John and the youngest son ( who was only 3 months at the time) died of yellow fever when Dolley is 25. This event unleashes the rest of her life that plays out like a classy, well mannered, dynamic  soap opera!

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