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One of the best parts of our gig as History Chicks is getting to meet people through the podcast, website and social media pages. We met on a message board, so making friends online is nothing new to either of us, and it’s pretty sweet to be in a position to meet others with interests similar to our own.

Through the course of exchanged emails and private messages we have discovered that some of you are doing some really cool historically based projects or businesses that we admire. We thought that it would be fun to show them off. Some of the projects that we will share are focused on historical women and some will simply deal with anything in the past- but they are all run by listeners. This first one is both about women and the past ( and it, in a turn-your-head-and-squint way, ties in with a promise that we made a few months ago, so we will fulfill that now).

First up- let’s take a look at at topic that is near and dear to our hearts: historical fashion.

This is Rodellee Bas and her business is Adored Vintage.

From her website:

“A deep love for fashion and history bore the idea of ADORED VINTAGE, an online vintage clothing boutique for modern women that love fanciful and pretty things. Each vintage garment is hand selected for quality, beauty, and relevance to modern day fashion. We believe each garment bears a tale from its past and the women that chooses a vintage garment from our shop loves the idea of adding her own chapter to the story of a dress.

Not only does she select beautiful garments and accessories ( both true vintage and inspired by) but  the photography is, quite simply- lovely.

Some dresses from her shop

1950s emerald green halter dress

She carries accessories like these 1940s studded strap heels...

...and purses like this 1950s clutch...

...and hats!

But the dresses! Oh! The dresses!

Her showroom as photographed by Connie Lyu Photography

50's Floral

'60s little black dress

Her  brick and mortar showroom is in downtown Long Beach, California, but we follow the beautiful vintage fashion show via her  facebook page and website where you can fill your cart with beautiful pieces and have them delivered. If you are fortunate enough to be nearby, the showroom is open by appointment only or check out her once-a-month Vintage Sunday on the third Sunday of the month- it coincides with the Long Beach Flea Market (as if vintage fashion, and the beach wasn’t enough to draw you in).

We’ve been talking women in history with Rodellee for a bit and we can’t help but notice her History Chickness show through in some collection and garment titles. Each item has a clever title and  recently she named a collection of garments in honor of Jane Austen. Of course, her one-of-a-kind items aren’t on the Adored Vintage site for long, so going back frequently to see what she has added that is new and available is such a hardship. (yeah…not really.)

AND (turn your head and squint now) speaking of Jane Austen and things formerly loved by others : we had promised to give away a couple of Beckett’s loved (read:used) copies of the parody novels Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (by Jane Austen and Seth Graham-Smith) and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadful ( by Steve Hockensmith). Just leave a comment on this post (using an email that we can contact you through) telling us WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE JANE AUSTEN HEROINE and you will be entered into a random drawing (both books, one winner) held on August 17th, 2013.

Beckett's books can be yours! Well, these two anyway. Just leave a comment on this post telling us who your favorite Jane Austen heroine is. Random drawing 8/17/13

We will share more friends’ projects whenever the whim strikes us, but keep an eye out because- just like our ever growing and amazing list of historical women that we would like to discuss- we have a list for this, too!

One more link, just because- Adored Vintage.

12 Responses to Our Friend’s Project And Giveaway

  1. Amber says:

    Elizabeth Bennet-Darcy, of course! She was a character who not only realized her faults, but admitted to them and work to be a better person. She opened herself up to love and received it in return.

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m torn between Emma Woodhouse and Lizzy Bennet. Emma means so well, and her relationship with her father is similar mine. My absolute favorite part is when faced with marrying the man of her dreams, her first thought is “I can’t leave my father”… I’m the same way with my dad. Lizzie is the woman we all want to be. Strong, opinionated, and she ends up with Mr. Darcy! I do not, however envy her relationship to her mother. It becomes a toss up. I think every woman who reads Austen can relate a bit to every woman in her stories. That’s why she survives in such a grand way.

  3. Nikki Loy says:

    I’d have to go with Emma, she tries so hard yet messes up so bad, but it all turns out ok. Kind of like me!

  4. Alejandra Diabb says:

    Hey Ladies! This is so exciting, I am usually a silent listener but today I was really motivated to participate. I love vintage fashion and Jane Austen.
    Like every girl in the world I love Lizzy Bennett and want to be her, so true to herself.
    But my favorite is Emma, I find her so incredibly annoying that the she cracks me up, I really enjoyed reading how she thought of herself as some sort of fairy matchmaker.

  5. Jennifer Froman says:

    I adore Elizabeth Bennet because Pride and Prejudice was my first Jane Austen bookand I read it over and over, but Emma is a close second.

  6. Heather Halsey says:

    Elizabeth Bennett!!! I adored her as a child for her ferocity and I love her as an adult for her courage and maturity!

  7. Erika Stufflebeem says:

    I adore Lizzie Bennett, but who doesn’t? She’s smart, funny, and witty with the ability to acknowledge and adjust her convictions. People always say they are looking for a Mr. Darcy but I think they really wish they were a Lizzie so they could recognize Mr. Darcy when he appeared.

  8. Jaime says:

    I love Emma!

  9. cristin higgins says:

    Elizabeth Bennett!!!

  10. This is probably cliche, but Elizabeth Bennett is my favorite. She is strong, capable, and funny.

    And I know you just asked for who we like best, but…
    Emma is my least favorite. She drives me crazy. Although Catherine in Northanger Abbey is a little irritating too. I could never tell when she was being seriously dumb or just pretending for fun.

    You two chicks are awesome! Keep up the great work!

  11. Ana says:

    While Elizabeth Bennett will always have a solid spot in my heart, there’s something about Elinor Dashwood from Sense & Sensibility. Her compassion and affection, mixed in with the old school reserve makes me wish she was my older sister (I’m a total Marrianne Dashwood when it comes to love). She’s just an all-round lovely human being.

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