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We have received our third Podcast Award Nomination in as many years! Voting starts now and the window is very short- November 1st-15th.



Voting is easy and very self explanatory. You get one vote per IP address a day, and a lot of the time you will have to verify your vote ( there was some shenanigans in years past). Check off your favorite shows, add your name, click submit and done.

We will be happily giving our votes to The Satellite Sisters in both the General and People’s Choice categories. If you’ve never listened, you should, it’s a fun podcast by a group of real life sisters who talk about eeeeverything!

And of course, The Bowery Boys, a history podcast so wonderful you don’t have to be in New York to enjoy it. The fellows are in the Travel category and up against a ballot FULL of Disney themed podcasts.

We will be showing our love for these two shows and ask you to vote with us. We not only listen to the podcasts, but the hosts have been very supportive of us behind the scenes since we began.

Suffragists marching costume 1916, which has very little to do with what we are talking about, but it's still cool to see.

From November 1st through the 15, please vote once a day and fill out the ballot carefully!

We won’t nag you, although we will remind you when voting is closing. This is a pretty big deal in our world and getting nominated THREE times has been really amazing to us, But we are wondering… is is third time is the charm? We’re up against some pretty heavy hitters so every vote counts. (when doesn’t it?)

Thank you for the nominations, for voting, for spreading the word to vote, but mostly thank you all for listening.

Beckett and Susan


2 Responses to News!!

  1. Ksmith says:

    I enjoy listening to the podcast. Good information ladies. One gripe. Can Becca (sp?) not be so snarky about religion? History is consumed with religion, as you well know. And if you’re lucky (or as I’d say “blessed”) to have a lot of listeners they will be of a variety of religious background. Probably best not to mention when you don’t have “patience for that type of stuff”. Besides that, good podcast. Can you do one on Diana and / or Elizabeth II?

    • The History Chicks says:

      Diana is on the list that we reference when we pick topics, although because she is still often in the news, and the amount of information on her is very recent and still easily accessible- we probably won’t cover her for awhile. Elizabeth II is still alive, women get on our list after they pass (and we give them a period of mourning).

      As for Beckett’s view of religion, I can only say this: our conversations are just that- conversations. Two friends sharing information as well as personal opinion. Fortunately we are blessed with listeners who share her opinion on this topic as well as those who share mine and quite a few more who fall elsewhere on the beautiful spectrum of faith. We couldn’t possibly alter our opinions to suit everyone so we err on the side of being true to ourselves.

      Glad that you like the show, one small gripe aside.

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