BONUS! A Conversation with Liza Powel O’Brien

Our new podcast girlfriend and host of Significant Others Podcast, Liza Powel O’Brien (Conan is her husband) (Yes, that Conan O’Brien.)

This isn’t a new thing for us, we just thought that it would be fun to have a conversation with another female history podcaster, and Liza graciously accepted. It’s not an interview, we don’t do those, it’s more like listening to the conversation at the next table in a coffee shop. We talk podcasting and interests and…well, just give a listen.


Queen Elizabeth II: The Crown

circa 1959

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, 2022, her reign was in its 71st year. That alone makes her a woman we would love to cover! Alas, we don’t spotlight subjects who are still with us, and, even then, we like to give them a respectful mourning period after they pass away. This allows time for her legacy to become established–that’s when we like to dive into her life.


Episode 211: Mary Edwards Walker

Doctor Walker, Post Civil War, admire her Medal of Honor and ponder why she is STILL THE ONLY WOMAN TO RECIEVE IT! cc wikicommons
Doctor Walker’s very practical but oft-ridiculed outfit. Circa 1876 wikicommons
As she aged, Dr. Walker was even more stylish than ever before circa 1911 wikicommons


Time Travel With The History Chicks


Mercedes Gref (maybe a movie? It would be awesome!)
Ammar Habib
Theresa Kaminsi
A kids picture book by Cheryl Harness and Carlo Molinari
Tracy Dawson


South Dakota, the Divorce Capital for Gilded Age Women? Apparently so! Article in Watertown Public Opinion

A Cavalcade of America has A LOT of short radio plays including one on Dr. Mary Walker (which is easier to find on YouTube:)

There are a lot of articles on Reform Dress out there, here’s just one from Freethought Trail, and an article on her statue in Oswego, New York from the same site.

The National Women’s Hall of Fame! It’s a place! Go check it out!

Break Music: Brave, by Crystal Kavoch
End Music: Heavy Time by Monte Casino

Episode 209: Elizabeth Chudleigh

Whether she’s styled as Lady Elizabeth Chudleigh or Countess of Bristol or Duchess of Kingston, she should be remembered as a woman who, right or wrong, made her own choices in her world during a time when women had very few options. She dealt with all that life threw her way by being witty and charming and aware of the social norms of the day. Her story is a lesson in dealing with the consequences of one fateful decision.

Elizabeth’s trial!


Time Travel With The History Chicks


Catherine Ostler
Claire Gervat
Charles E. Pierce (link will take you to Amazon where it’s for sale.)


Want to learn more about the Royal Hospital at Chelsea (or visit if Covid ever goes away)? It’s where the Chelsea Flower Show is held each year! Royal Hospital

Kingston House, formerly Chudleigh House, pretty swanky love nest!

Moving Pictures!

Ahhhh! This is a wide-open field and there are several story arcs in here to play with, Dear Movie Producer!