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Episode 219: Frances Perkins, Part One

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Frances Perkins led a very long, very active, and very productive life as a social worker and workers’ rights advocate, and as the first woman ever appointed to a United States Federal Cabinet position. One episode just won’t cover it all, and, trust us, you need to hear it all!

Fannie Coralie Perkins was born on April, 10, 1880 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the oldest of two daughters of Frederick and Susan Perkins. In this episode we’ll take you first through her early life, mostly based in Worcester (it’s pronounce “wus-ter,” trust us) Massachusetts and at the Perkins family homestead in Newcastle, Maine, where her very wise and influential Grandma Cynthia lived.

Next we talk about her college years at Mount Holyoke College where she really had the ultimate college experience. Educated, driven, and brave, she went forth to a life as a social worker…only to be turned away. She wasn’t done learning yet!

We’ll take you through her teaching days in Chicago where her mind was blown by all the amazing work done at Chicago Commons and Hull House, two settlement houses, where she volunteered her time and cut her social working teeth. We’ll follow her to her first paid social work gigs in Philidelphia and New York City, her post-graduate education, her first experience in worker’s rights advocacy and up to the tragedy that not only changed her life, but laser focused her work.

We leave you as she has built her experience to know what she doesn’t know, know how to learn what she doesn’t know, and who to work with to turn her ideas for social change into law. She’s fueled and empowered to go ahead and build her vision of a better country, enacting reforms that affect each of us, even today.

Time Travel With The History Chicks

We referenced several former podcast subjects during this, but the two episodes that we would like to point you to right now are our coverage of Jane Addams, and The Bowery Boys episode and article about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

The rest of the links and media recommendations with be on the shownotes for Part Two of Frances’ story! JK, look for them in the shownotes for Part Three!

Episode 217: Pocahontas, Revisited

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The only image of her done in her lifetime and this was toward the end of that. Marketing materials of the Virginia Company

In honor of both Native American Heritage Month and American Thanksgiving, we are taking a look back at the life of this woman who did save lives, but not the one the (very popular animated) movie wants you to think.
For the shownotes to this episode, please click on over to 2017 HERE
For information and activities focused on Native American Heritage Month, here is a great one.

Episode 217: Ida Lewis

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Ida Lewis circa 1870 via wikicommons

Ida Lewis was a heroine…but she was also a sister, daughter, friend, and dedicated lighthouse keeper, a job where she was uncommonly dedicated and uniquely qualified in the best way imaginable.


Episode 215: New England Field Trip Travelogue

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In October of 2022, 44 travelers (and a flock of Seagulls) set off to head back in time to autumnal New England. These are their stories (and mini-history lessons, heartwarming life moments, trivia, and societal observations)

The leaves were peaking in golds and reds; the air was crisp (or cold if you were from a warmer climate) when Boston and Newport opened their doors for us. From our intro dinner at America’s oldest tavern, Bell in Hand, to a sailboat cruise of Newport Harbor, to our final dinner together at Ristorante Fiore in Boston we gobbled up history with each step.


Episode 214: Nell Gwynn

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Nell, circa 1675 by Peter Lely

First off, please know that this episode contains a very loud LITTLE EARS warning, so we do ask that adults preview it to decide if it’s appropriate for the kids in their life. Nell was a woman who grew up in poverty, learned how to charm people from a very young age, and found success in the culture in which she lived as an actress and a mistress to King Charles II of England. (There is a lot of sex and quotes have words in them that we don’t ordinarily use but it’s impossible to tell her story without these elements.) (more…)

BONUS! A Conversation with Liza Powel O’Brien

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Our new podcast girlfriend and host of Significant Others Podcast, Liza Powel O’Brien (Conan is her husband) (Yes, that Conan O’Brien.)


This isn’t a new thing for us, we just thought that it would be fun to have a conversation with another female history podcaster, and Liza graciously accepted. It’s not an interview, we don’t do those, it’s more like listening to the conversation at the next table in a coffee shop. We talk podcasting and interests and…well, just give a listen. (more…)

Queen Elizabeth II: The Crown

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circa 1959

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, 2022, her reign was in its 71st year. That alone makes her a woman we would love to cover! Alas, we don’t spotlight subjects who are still with us, and, even then, we like to give them a respectful mourning period after they pass away. This allows time for her legacy to become established–that’s when we like to dive into her life. (more…)

Episode 211: Mary Edwards Walker

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Doctor Walker, Post Civil War, admire her Medal of Honor and ponder why she is STILL THE ONLY WOMAN TO RECIEVE IT! cc wikicommons


Doctor Walker’s very practical but oft-ridiculed outfit. Circa 1876 wikicommons


As she aged, Dr. Walker was even more stylish than ever before circa 1911 wikicommons

Time Travel With The History Chicks

****Shownotes are under construction, please come back later for all of our recommendations!****





Episode 210: Elizabeth Van Lew and Belle Boyd

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Elizabeth Van Lew

Belle Boyd

Elizabeth Van Lew and Belle Boyd were both born in Virginia, both died in 1900, and both were spies during the American Civil War…for opposing sides of the conflict!

Time Travel With The History Chicks 


Elizabeth R. Varon, birth to death biography


Middle-Grade biography by Heidi Schoof


Compilation biography that reads like a novel by Karen Abbott


Historical Fiction by Rosemary Agonito


Richard Snow


Charles River Editors


Historical Fiction Claire J Griffin (I didn’t read it, but appreciated the information on her website so it’s a half recommendation)


My deepest apologies, I thought I read this online, but I had purchased the ebook. Autobiography by Belle,  Intro by Drew Gilpin Faust and Forward by Sharon Kennedy-Nolle


A collection of Civil War-era newspaper articles about activities of women who aided soldiers in all manner of ways, during the war: Women Soldiers, Spies, and Vivandieres: Articles from Civil War Newspapers by Vicki Betts

You can visit and even worship at Historic St. John’s Church in Richmond (or just poke around online)

Don’t visit Bellvue School (unless you have a kid that can or does go there) but their website has the history of the Van Lew property and some women that lived there.

Belle Boyd’s childhood home is still standing and is now the home of the Berkely County Historical Society in Martinsburg, West Virginia. If you go, report back on the ability for a horse to go through any of the exterior doors. Thanks!

Author Claire J. Griffin’s website, she wrote a historical fiction, A Rebellious Woman, based on Belle’s life and undertook a lot of research beforehand. She has a nice collection of documents on her site.

Encyclopedia of Virginia  has a write-up about Belle and LOTS of state history!

Moving Pictures!

Here’s an interesting conversation about four women of the Van Lew house.

If you would like to see if there is availability to join us on our Boston and Newport tour in October OR you would like to join in the fun of our Boston Local’s Meet-up on October 21st, visit Like Minds Travel!

Break music: Secret Place, by Merry Ellen Kirk; End song: Queen of the Underground by Michael Joy used with permission by ilicensemusic


Episode 209: Elizabeth Chudleigh

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Whether she’s styled as Lady Elizabeth Chudleigh or Countess of Bristol or Duchess of Kingston, she should be remembered as a woman who, right or wrong, made her own choices in her world during a time when women had very few options. She dealt with all that life threw her way by being witty and charming and aware of the social norms of the day. Her story is a lesson in dealing with the consequences of one fateful decision.



Elizabeth’s trial!


Time Travel With The History Chicks



Catherine Ostler


Claire Gervat



Want to learn more about the Royal Hospital at Chelsea (or visit if Covid ever goes away)? It’s where the Chelsea Flower Show is held each year! Royal Hospital

Kingston House, formerly Chudleigh House, pretty swanky love nest!

Moving Pictures!

Ahhhh! This is a wide-open field and there are several story arcs in here to play with, Dear Movie Producer!