We don’t do a lot of these, so there will (probably) never be a long list of them but if you would like to see us come out from behind your earbuds, here’s where we’ll be with a link to more information.

Upcoming Field Trips and Dinner Cruises

Occasionally we step from behind the mic and into the worlds of our subjects by taking a Field Trip to where they lived! We love traveling companions so we’ve partnered with Like Minds Travel to come up with some amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you take with us! We will announce these on the podcast episodes and across our social media in advance of registration opening up. Space is always limited, so if it sounds like a trip you would like to take with us, you shouldn’t wait too long. If you would like to get an idea ahead of time of what these trips are like, give a listen to any of our Field Trip Travelogue episodes and hear it from the Field Trippers themselves.

As part of each Field Trip, we will have a meet-up dinner that we open up to any locals (or those traveling in the area.) It’s historically a very fun evening of dinner, dancing, and the kind of instant friendships only experienced by people who share common interests!

AUSTRIA, June 20-29, 2024

Registration is now open for this visit to Vienna and Salzburg! Head over to Like Minds Travel to check out the itinerary and sign up!

NEW YORK CITY, This will be a long weekend in early September 2024 (DETAILS COMING SOON)

PARIS 2.0, Mid-October 2024 (DETAILS COMING SOON)

Completed Field Trips!

London, September 22-30, 2023

Completed! Listen to the Travelogue!

We loved this trip in ’22 so much that we tweaked the schedule and decided to do it again! This is filling very quickly, so if you want to join us (or just want to check out the itinerary) head over to Like Minds Travel.

London Dinner Cruise!

September 29, 2023, 7:00- 10:00 PM: This is the chance for locals (or those of you who are “freestyle traveling” on your own while we’re there) to meet up with all the Field Trippers for an evening of dinner and dancing and general merriment! Sign up at Like Minds Travel!

Paris, October 1-9, 2023

Completed! Listen to the Travelogue

This field trip is sold out with an extensive waitlist. If you would like to join that list or check out the itinerary, visit this link: Like Minds Travel

Paris Dinner Cruise!

October 8, 2023: This is the chance for those of you who live or who are traveling locally to join us and all the Field Trippers for a lovely evening of dinner, dancing, and general merriment!


Field Trip to London, June 2022 

Trip completed! If you would like to hear how it went, head over to

Episode 208 for our report!

OH  MY GOSH! This event sold out in just a couple of days!: After three rescheduled…thanks Covid…we’re taking a field trip to London and would love for you to join us! We can all share the experience of an eight-day adventure packed full of women’s history and outings to places that we’ve talked about on the show.

BUT WAIT! We’re having a meet-up for locals while we’re there! If you are going to be in London on June 20th, please join us for a dinner cruise! You’ll have a nice meal, meet some of our fellow travelers, meet some more who, like you, live in the area…and we’ll be at the dinner, too, of course! For more information on the dinner visit this link: LIKE MINDS TRAVEL LOCAL MEET-UP

For more information about the London tour, follow the link below. If we schedule more trips in the future, we’ll let you know and they will be planned by the same travel company.

Click to get more information on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Field Trip to New England, October 2022

Trip Completed! If you would like to hear how it went, head over to episode 215 for details!

Please join us, Beckett and Susan, as we tour New England! We’re planning a history and adventure-packed excursion to the place that inspired The History Chicks Podcast so many years ago!

We start and end the trip in Boston then head to Newport to absorb the most decadent and glorious houses of the Gilded Age, where the Dollar Princesses came back to do battle with Old New York. We’ll walk in the footsteps of Lizzie Borden, Louisa May Alcott, Abigail Adams, and so much more!

What a treat to experience Boston and environs in the fall… we wish you’d come with us! October, 2022.
You can find the detailed itinerary here:

Click through to check out the tour!

Field Trip Washington D.C. April 2023

Trip Completed!