Queen Elizabeth II: The Crown

circa 1959

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, 2022, her reign was in its 71st year. That alone makes her a woman we would love to cover! Alas, we don’t spotlight subjects who are still with us, and, even then, we like to give them a respectful mourning period after they pass away. This allows time for her legacy to become established–that’s when we like to dive into her life.


The Crown Recap: Season 3, Episode 1: Olding


We’re firing The Recappery back up to recap the latest season of Netflix’s, The Crown. The actors have all “aged up”…although the timeline is mere months after we left them over a year and a half ago. You know what? A healthy dose of Suspension of Disbelief will serve us all well. Besides, we adjusted to the new cast very easily and, of course, we have something to say about that.

In this episode, Queen Elizabeth suffers the loss of her friend, Winston Churchill, and deals with the anti-monarchy sentiments and possible KGB ties of her new Prime Minister. We all also get some art lessons, which is kinda cool.

Like all of our historical fiction media recaps, we cover the plot, characters, story arcs, plot holes, costuming…the whole shebang, plus we compare and contrast to real history tossing little bouquets of trivia as we go.

Bits and Pieces

For more information on the jewels of The Crown, visit The Court Jeweller

For peeks into the Royal Collection, the Royal Collection Trust has a website with very nice photos.

Whatever was Tony tinkering with in his workshop? The Snowdon Aviary which seems to have gotten spruced up a couple of years ago.

Here is A version of Winston Churchill’s funeral, a BBC documentary about it. There are shorter new reels on YouTube as well.


We really hesitate to link you to the four-part miniseries on the Cambridge Spies, but search CAMBRIDGE SPIES BBC on YouTube. If you find a more legit looking version, please let us know!

And here is an article about the testimony given by Anthony Blunt, spy!

For background prep for the rest of the season, you can learn about Queen Elizabeth I and Wallis Simpson in these linked episodes of The History Chicks, our main show.


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