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Episode 166: Pocahontas, Revisited

Posted 23 November 2020 by
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As we in the US celebrate our Thanksgiving this week, we thought that this was a perfect time to revisit Pocahontas, the real story not the Disneyfied one. All links to things we talked about can be found on the original shownotes from 2017, POCAHONTAS SHOWNOTES.

Break music: Courtesy of James Harper of Harper Active; End Music: Daughters of History by Morning Spy

Episode 140: Wilma Mankiller

Posted 26 November 2019 by
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Wilma Mankiller in her home in Tahlequah in 1996. Kelly Kerr/Tulsa World

Wilma Mankiller was an activist, an educator, an author, a mom, and the first woman Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. She did her part to share the rich, tragic, and resilient history of her people with the world, to improve the lives of her tribe, and speak out for civil and women’s rights. To say “what didn’t kill her made her stronger” isn’t hyperbole. She’s also the most contemporary woman that we’ve ever covered. Maybe if we start by keeping the stories of these smart, brave, and determined women at the forefront they will be household names to future generations. (more…)

Episode 139: Pocahontas Revisited

Posted 11 November 2019 by
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It’s National Native American Heritage Month here in the US and we thought it was a good time for a re-listen to our coverage of Pocahontas from 2017.