Episode 90: Q &A 2017

Would you ever have a fan as a guest host?”

“How on earth do you manage to read so many books so quickly?”

“Do your kids complain about the podcast?”

“How much time do you spend on research and prep a week?”

“What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” 

(And more…a LOT more.)

For the third time since we began the show in 2011 we put out a call for questions and from that delightful barrage we answered as many as possible in this episode.  We talk about a variety of subjects from how we met and The History Chick origin story, to several abstract “what if…,”, details about how we organize and research each episode and give you a little peek into the list where we pick our subjects from. Below you’ll find “We’ll put this on our shownotes” items!

How do I become a podcaster? Beckett broke it down to four things: Technical Aspects, Content, Persistence, Luck. While you’re pretty much on your own with the last three, for the first one, go to Helen Zaltzman’s website and check off her five points in her Adventures in Podcasting. Do NOT let people trick you into courses about the technical aspects of podcasting–there are plenty of successful, veteran podcasters willing to help you for free via posts like Helen’s (another must read is on Jamie Jeffers of The British History Podcast–amazing advice.)

Ben Franklin’s World with Liz Covart

16 Personalities and Typing Fictional Characters are the two sites we suggested during the Myers-Briggs personality test question.


Susan’s blanket fort

Special thanks to James Harper, and his band HARPER for the music in the show!


Shownotes: Season Three Introduction

Welcome back!

At the end of last season ( not that long ago, mere weeks) we never wrapped things up in a nice neat little package. Sorry about that! One of us had family to visit in New England, and the other needed to breathe for a bit without posting deadlines looming. Plus she had a castle to build.

Beckett's requested gift from New England: Coffee Syrup, the official drink of Rhode Island

How one of us has been using the hiatus.

But we got back together in the House of Wood the other day and caught up with our lives. We also finalized plans for the ten full length episodes of Season Three, and left ample room for minicasts sprinkled throughout.

We are VERY excited! We discuss some upcoming plans on this podcast, as well as sharing some stories that happened behind the scenes.

On to Season Three!

We can’t tell you who made the Season Three list, but we can remind you that, as promised, we will begin with a series on the Tudors! Also, as voted upon in our Guaranteed Content Poll, we will discuss the Romanovs at some point during the season.  As for the rest of the ladies- keep an eye out for clues that appear here and on all of our social media pages (facebook, twitter, and googleplus) shortly before we post episodes on this website, Itunes, and now, Stitcher!

You are just going to have to trust us, Season Three will be fun and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Thank you (again and again and again) for listening!

Beckett and Susan