Anne with an E Recap: Episode 7, Season One Finale


Wherever you are is my home

directed by Amanda Topping

Anne and Jerry’s Excellent Adventure (except for the mugging part.)

This is the final episode of Season One. We cover this episode, as we have for the past six weeks, and pinpoint the cliffhangers and stories Moira Walley-Beckett and team have to work with for (the biggest cliffhanger) Season Two. (pleasebeaseasontwopleasebeaseasontwo)

There was a little confusion about the direction of OUR show, The History Chicks, and thank you to all who realized that we did NOT alter our regularly scheduled coverage of historical women at all with this bonus series. This was an example of The History Chicks accessories.  It was fun to do and if Anne comes back, so will we. (Well, we’ll be back next week with the life story of a remarkable woman whose identity will remain secret until then.)



We’ll put that in the shownotes!

Is this the new Jane Eyre? How delightful!

History of the song Away in a Manger

Give them some thanks for this excellent series (and, maybe, ask for season two):

Moira Walley-Beckett’s Twitter account

Anne with an “E” official Twitter account

Netflix Twitter Account

Reed Hastings (CEO Netflix) Twitter account

You should thank these three for their work, and follow their careers and life antics, but we doubt they have anything to do with a second season:

AmyBeth McNulty (Anne) Twitter Account 

Aymeric Jett Montaz (Jerry) Twitter Account

Lucas Jade Zumann (Gilbert) Twitter Account

(Lucas is also in 20th Century Woman, with Annette Benning available for streaming on Amazon Prime)

“So, like, how’s the gap year going?” Gilbert and Anne meet (oh so coincidentally, Susan-eyeroll) and have a nice talk as well as possible eye flirting.

The absolutely spot on Family Road Trip song that Jerry sang, Il éait une bergère’s lyrics (WITH translation into English that will reveal a dark side to this children’s song) on Mama Lisa’s World, International Music and Culture.

Easter Egg Hunt, anyone? (post recording thought: maybe Green Gables was perfect because it wasn’t IN Charlottetown?)


Anne and Gilbert have an impromptu spelling bee in the streets of Charlottetown. T-R-U-C-E


History for kids of PEI- A fun resource for kids to learn about the long history of Prince Edward Island


Au revoir, see you next season, Jerry! (pleasebeaseason2pleasebeaseason2)


From the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook, Chocolate Goblin’s Food Cake and Caramel Pudding Sauce fail turned Ice Cream Cake success.

Anne with an “E” Reading Challenge:

(all links, unless noted, go to online versions)

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

If Thou Must Love Me (Sonnet 14) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Henry and Emma, a Poem Upon the Model of a Nut-Brown Maid by Matthew Prior

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The Grasshopper by Mrs. Andrew Dean

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley

Pleasures of Hope by Thomas Campbell

The Fisherman by Bryan Wallor Proctor (Barry Cornwall)

Elsie’s New Relations by Martha Finley

the Bible (various verses. Link to KJV because that’s what Anne would have read.)

Red: A natural history of the redhead by Jacky Collis Harvey (link to Amazon, it’s not available online)

Patient Grisilda by Giovanni Boccaccio

Song of the Open Road by Walt Whitman

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

**new this week** Middlemarch,  by George Eliot

(And this is the Libby App that Beckett is a huge fan of)


See you for Season Two!!




Anne with an E Recap: Episode 6

Remorse is the poison of life

directed by Paul Fox

This episode starts on a high note when Anne saves Minnie May’s life, meets her Designated Mentor, and has her Diana ban lifted… but the bad stuff is coming.         (Ken Warner, CBC)


What Premier didn’t get the job because of his good looks? How about Sir John Alexander Macdonald?


Marilla sharing the John she knew with his son, Gilbert who shares the dad he knew. Both are mourning, but Marilla is dealing with some heavy regret.


Billy and the Billyettes…Bud.



We’ll put that in the shownotes.”

Every week cook a snack from this book, this week’s recipe was Saucy Chicken


This week’s recipe needed a little ooomph.


Kansas City has a lot of great museums, one of them is The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures.

Have you read this yet? Anne seems to have memorized it.

If you want to read Chapter Six of Jane Eyre, by Jane Austen: Chapter Six


The Anne with an E Reading Challenge: (Full list will be on last episode.)

This week we’re adding David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. Link goes to Project Gutenberg

Anne with an E Recap, Episode 5

Tightly knotted to a similar string

Or: Love. You use that word but let me show you what it means

Directed by Patricia Rozema

This episode steps us past the halfway point of the series…but it does it in such an outstanding way we can’t help but celebrate. Does it follow along the story of the book? Nope, but we talk about the deviations- Anne’s first period, Matthew’s former crush, a peek into the home life and struggles of Gibert Blythe- and how they were beautifully worked into iconic scenes like Anne’s first tea party and the gift of a grown-up dress with puffy sleeves.


“We’ll put that on the shownotes”

Anne with a Martini: Gritty and Pretty


Marinate one can of Royal Anne Cherries (of course) in two jars, one with chocolate vodka and the other with Amaretto or Triple Sec (a slight different taste), and reserve syrup in a third. Let sit in fridge for at least a few days.

Put as many marinated cherries into glass (for a snack, of course) and shake below with ice


Chocolate’d cherries

2 parts chocolate vodka

1 part marinating liquid

1 part juice from can


Amaretto’d cherries

1 park plain vodka

1 part marinating liquid

1 part syrup

This episode had so much going on! More creepiness from Mr. Phillips, more adorableness from Gilbert, and love was, actually, everywhere.

Love was even here in a roundabout way                                                                                                                                                                                             josch13 pixabay

Say “Yes” to the dress Matthew! Fatherly love


Beckett talked about the Craft Lit podcast, brilliant.

Beckett recommended this movie

BECKETT WAS RIGHT about the Cuthbert kids timeline. Michael was oldest, Matthew was baby.

1833- Michael born

1844- Matthew born

plus 11 (aprox age when Matthew had to leave school)

Michael was about 21 when he mysteriously died.


It feels as though we’ve sent you to the Museum of Menstruation once a month…for years! (It’s not the prettiest of websites but really, that’s fitting, isn’t it?)

To add to the Anne of Green Gables reading list (entire list on last episode)

Song of the Open Road and read more about Walt Whitman (on Shmoop)

Pickled green tomatoes recipes.

And no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, this episode earned 10 glasses of Raspberry Cordial from both of us.



Anne With An “E” Recap: Episode 3

But what is so headstrong as youth?  directed by Sandra Goldbacher

(Or: Transitions)

Oh Anne, this school thing isn’t going to work out like you think. via IMDB

The second line of that Jane Eyre quote is ” what so blind as inexperience” and that is certainly a theme that runs through this episode. During this recap of Episode 3 of the Netflix show we talk about the parallel surprise realities that Anne experiences at school and Marilla experiences in motherhood. We also get creeped-out by Mr. Phillips, want to punch Billy Andrews, offer advice for adults viewing this show with their children and compare and contrast 13 year-old girls to their “progressive” mothers. (Dang, that sounds so sophisticated when we say it that way, doesn’t it?)

The bits and pieces we promised to put in our shownotes for this episode:


Movie written and directed by Sandra Goldbacher, The Governess (link to IMDB page for movie)

Gord Downie’s animated film, The Secret Path (with CBC Arts Live panel). (Dear Canada, Thanks for introducing me to Tragically Hip. xo, Susan)

Tragically hip, with Michael Nesmith (yeah! The Monkey’s guy!)

(And you, too, can be Tragically Hip with your own History Chicks promotional t-shirt by clicking the link to our shop on the right.)

Want to follow AmyBeth McNulty (Anne) on Twitter for some really adorable behind the scenes pics and video? Bonus content is that she seems like a perfectly real and charming person. AMYBETH on the Twittah.


Mr Phillips and Snidely Whiplash: separated at birth?

Mr Phillips and Snidely Whiplash: separated at birth? via imdb and wikicommons

Ahhh, Josie Pye you meanie! (via IMDB)

Ahhh, Josie Pye you meanie! (via IMDB)


Netflix’s Master of None: The capelet that started an obsession

This is Chocolate Caramel from the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook. This is, also, a plate of tasty sugar and bitter disappointment.

This is Chocolate Caramel from the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook. This is, also, a plate of tasty sugar and bitter disappointment.

Updates to Reading List:

(complete list to be posted on last episode’s shownotes)

Elsie’s New Relations by Martha Finley (link to Project Gutenberg)

The Fisherman by Bryan Waller Proctor (Barry Cornwall)

 The Pleasures of Hope by Thomas Campbell

Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelly

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

The Grasshopper by Mrs. Andrew Dean (still looking for online, freebie version) mrs andrew dean


Link to The Libby app that Beckett was so excited about. It’s for getting audio books from various sources including your library.