Maria Anna Mozart

Clara Weick (a year before she became a Schumann)
He also does the Classical Cake series on YoutTube, you can find it on his channel if you click through.

Some of Maria Anna’s letters turned into music by Heloisa Fernades

By Jane Glover
Adorable kids’ book by Audrey Ades and Adelina Lirius
With a musical terminology lesson! By Elizabeth Rusch, Steve Johnson, and Lou Fancher
By Nancy B. Reich
One of two volumes by Berthold Litzmann

Middle grade, by Susanna Reich
About Robert, by Judith Chernaik

Online books:

Letters of Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms

Love Affairs of Great Musicians by Rupert Hughes

How much did Maria Anna influence her brother…and what’s this about rewiring a brain with music? This is a deep rabbit hole, but you might want to start with this article in Smithsonian.

You can visit the Mozart Museum in Salzburg, Austria…or just poke around online which, you know, is fun, too. And while it’s dedicated to the work of Robert Schumann, the Schumann House, Bonn Germany

Before the 2020 release of the movie Enola Holmes, the sister to Sherlock, Netflix had several statues built across the UK to honor sisters of famous men, including Maria Anna Mozart. Her’s is in Bath!

The Maria Anna Mozart Society celebrates women composers!

This is a very detailed timeline of Clara’s Schumann’s life–with sources! Put on your Rabbit Hole shoes for this one.

A lot of information about Clara on The Clara Schumann Channel website

Although it’s dedicated to the work of Robert Schumann: the Schumann House Museum in Bonn, Germany

The Dactylion device…you really have to see it: Interlude magazine

Check out this rather…unusual memorial in Dusseldorf.

Illustrations and illustrations of Gewendhaus in Leipzig, Germany

What happened to all of the Schumann children later in their lives? Classical has the answer!

So you think Clara Schumann’s life was movie-worthy? So did the creators of these two movies!

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