…celebrate our 10th anniversary with us and “appear” on an upcoming episode!


RSVP in the affirmative by clicking the recording button and answering one of our questions below. There is nothing to sign up for, no special equipment, and nothing to install; you can use the microphone on your computer or your phone (iPhone users will need to connect through Safari.) When your recording begins, state your name and where you’re calling from remembering that this will be included in your segment.

Please answer one of these questions and try to keep your answers to about a minute so that we can get as many as possible into an episode.

  1. Do you have any stories about how an episode or subject impacted your life?

  2. What was your favorite episode and why? Or, What was your first episode, what brought you back?

  3. Where do you listen or who do you listen with?

  4. Wild Card! A question that you wish we had asked you.


Not crazy about your voice being on a podcast or want to remain totally anonymous? No problem, email your answer to chicks@thehistorychicks.com with “ANNIVERSARY ANSWER” in the subject line, and we’ll read it for you. Again, let us know the name to use when we read it.


We can’t guarantee that all of your answers will make it into the episode and we won’t be able to contact you to confirm that they are. We may also edit your response for time or content so if you stumble, or accidentally cuss, or scream at your kids to stop making all that racket because you’re recording a podcast…simply start over and we’ll take out the oopsie part. The recording does cut off at the three-minute mark.


Thank you for being a huge part of this episode! Whether you’ve hung out with us for 10 years or one episode, thank you very,very much for listening!