Episode 138: Sarah Winchester and the Mystery House


Sarah Winchester circa 1875If you know anything about Sarah Winchester it’s that she built a peculiar mansion based on paranormal elements with gun money but…just hear us out here…there may be more to her story worthy of associating with her memory. Maybe, just maybe, the “mystery” part of the Winchester Mystery Mansion is: What was Sarah really like?


Episode 136: Mary Seacole

Mary circa 1871, with medals she didn’t earn, but it wasn’t illegal for her to wear and they really do spiff up her outfit, don’t they?

Mary Seacole was a doctress, an entrepreneur, a writer and very, very good in the room. She had a long, accomplished life and once had a brief brush with another woman of medicine during the Crimean War that has colored how some people see them both. It’s a shame when we can’t appreciate women’s contributions without pitting them against each other, isn’t it?