The Music Show – Shownotes

The only history that we look at in this episode is the history of the music we have chosen for Seasons 1 & 2! During each episode we try to pair music with the woman that we are discussing. Sometimes we shoot for a mood, a period tone, a literal reference… and sometimes, we pick a piece of music just because it makes us smile.

If you have never listened to the podcasts all the way through to the very end of the last musical selection, you may want to go back. We have been known to tuck outtakes in there!

For this podcast we have chosen some of the music that listeners liked the best from the past year, and hope you enjoy it as well!

1. “Cookin’ at Home” by Rick Fink and his Gas House Gorillas
From Episode 15 : 1950s Housewives

2. “Black Coffee” by Stefanie
FROM: Episode 18 : Ella Fitzgerald

3. “Daughters of History” by Morning Spy
From : Episode 09 : Gilded Age Heiresses

4. “Under Paris Skies” by Phoebe Legere
From Minicast: Sophie Blanchard

5. “Cool Kids” by Natalie Walker
From Episode 8 : The Mrs Astor

6. “Worth The Fight” by Marie Hines
From Episode 16 : Mary Wollstonecraft

7. “The Killer in Me’ by Amy Speace
From Episode 5 : Lizzie Borden

8: “Most Popular Girl in the World” by Ari Shine
From Episode 11 : Queen Victoria

9. “Keep on the Path” by Mystery Body
From Minicast : Red Riding Hood

10: “Straighten Up and Fly Right” by Jerry Costanzo
From Episode 18 : Ella Fitzgerald

11. “It Was Meant to Be” by Clayton
From Episode 19: Madame de Pompadour

12. “Pillsbury Cookie Dough” by Paul and Storm
From Minicast : Betty Crocker

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(And if you’re getting married, wouldn’t “It was Meant To Be” be the BEST first-dance song? )