New York City Trip #1

Posted 12 March 2014 by

In the fall of 2013 we took a trip together, our first chick weekend (although it technically was in the middle of a week). We ventured to New York but we didn’t tell anyone why we were going. Why so secretive? Mostly because we didn’t want a Clara Bow incident (Hint: Clara Bow’s first movie). But we are happy to report that worst case out of an overactive imagination scenario didn’t happen. To see the fruits of this NYC trip, click here: Excursion link Biography Channel Mini Documentaries.

Here is a short pictorial essay on our first trip together to New York City:

The day began with a very early morning flight, coffee, books and a Lego man who would make the journey with us. (Come on, we both have young sons- they loved this!)

Because we are both mature, seasoned travelers, we took the ubiquitous Out Of Hotel Window Photo first off.

The second thing thing that we did was meet a new friend, Emily, who we met through the podcast for coffee ( but forgot to take picture). THEN  we took our overtired, overcafffeinated selves for drinks with someone who holds a very special spot in our podcast story. This required fancy cocktails with french names.

This is Carol Wallace, she co-authored the book that Beckett adored so much that it inspired our podcast: To Marry an English Lord (she is also extremely fun to hang out with)

The next day we were at the A&E offices and chatting about several historical figures, then we met Bowery Boy Greg for drinks. He’s dreamy.

Well, maybe we did stop for pie before we met up with Greg. Pie is kinda our celebratory treat.

We did more – it wasn’t all that photo worthy (or maybe even we didn’t have the nerve to take a stealth picture of. It wasn’t all eating and drinking either. Really. Sadly, our jam packed adventure was over too soon (actually, this is a Nutella packed crepe- part of our last NYC meal for this visit).