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Mrs. Claus: A biography revisited

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Mrs Claus- subject of literature, film, and art…but who was she? (Photo Courtesy Enesco)

Mrs. Claus isn’t a one-dimensional support player in Santa’s life- when the spotlight shines on her it’s easy to see depth, wisdom, wit, beauty, endurance, and some really amazing cookie recipes. As is our tradition (and we’re all about the traditions over here) today we are sharing the story of Mrs. Claus for Christmas!

Older and wiser folks may want to preview this episode for holiday spoilers (antasay ausclay ablefay) before little ears listen. For more photos and links, visit the original SHOWNOTES HERE 

The main body of this episode is from 2014, but in the updated portion, Beckett talks about this ad for Mark & Spencer (this is the EP, there’s a 60-second version as well.)

Whatever holiday and whatever traditions you have, we hope that you and yours are able to make it very merry this year! We’ll be back in January (so long, 2020!)

Susan and Beckett


End song: Santa Will Find You, Mindy Smith, courtesy MusicAlley

Episode 167: Charlotte Brontë, Revisted

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A familiar portrait of  Charlotte, a chalk drawing by George Richmond in 1850. wikicommons

This week we’re revisiting our discussion of the life of Charlotte Brontë (entirely because we made a gamble and lost–explanation in the first minute of the episode.) Charlotte didn’t let her circumstances and the discouragement of others stand in the way of her goal of becoming a published author; she got knocked down over and over before she was able to present the world with one of the most beloved heroines in literary history. Along the way, we have a chance to talk about the lives of her literary sisters: Emily and Anne.

If you’re in our private Facebook group, The History Chicks Lounge, Charlotte is the subject of this week’s Sunday Bake Parade. Early in the pandemic, the group started a weekly baking challenge based on a shared weekly theme of a former subject. Each Sunday the new subject is revealed and, over the course of the week. we get inspired by her and bake (or cook, or mix…we’re pretty loose with the definition of “bake”) and snap a picture of our creation. On the following Sunday, we have a show-and-tell of our bakes and explain how the subject inspired us. It could be her era, area, maybe a recipe we know she made, or something named after her…whatever motivated us to create. Repeat. You should come play! Join us HERE by answering a very simple question.

If this is the first time you’ve joined us for this episode, you can find all the links and recommendations for media (and more) in the original Shownotes!