Sponsor Links and Codes

Posted 10 December 2019 by

We’re able to pay our library fines and keep the lights on at the House of Wood thanks, in part, to these kind sponsors. When you use the links and coupon codes* YOU become a sponsor as well, thank you! (You can also click the tasteful DONATE button to your right to help support the show.)

Ancestry will help you discover your family’s untold stories! Visit Ancestry.com/CHICKS!

Better Help: Professional, effective, convenient, and affordable online therapy. Get 10% off your first months at BetterHelp.com/HistoryChicks

Billie is the brand that finally got women’s razors right! Get 10% off your razor at MyBillie.com/CHICKS

Glossier is beauty inspired by real life. Get 10% off your first order at Glossier.com/podcast/chicks.

Head Space: Meditation made simple! For one free month, go to Headspace.com/Chicks or use code CHICKS.

Hello Fresh, America’s #1 meal kit! Use code 80HistoryChicks at HelloFresh.com/80HistoryChicks for a total of $80.00 off, including free shipping on your first order!

LegacyBox: Digitally preserve your past and get 40%-60% off your first order at LegacyBox.com/CHICKS.

Literati: The#1 Book Club for kids, delivers kids’ curated kids books directly to your house! 25% off your first two months at Literati.com/CHICKS!

Madison Reed: Get ammonia-free, multi-tonal hair color delivered to your door plus 10% off and free shipping by using either promocode CHICKS or HISTORYCHICKS at Madison-Reed.com.

SimpliSafe Home Security wants to give you a free home security camera and a 60-day, risk-free trial of their system at SimpliSafe.com/CHICKS

ThirdLove: Find your perfect fitting bra by visiting thirdlove.com/CHICKS and get 10% off your first purchase.

*We don’t always know when these codes expire- sometimes it’s weeks after the ad, sometimes they never expire- so we can’t be sure of the discounts if it’s been more than two months since the ad originally ran.*