Episode 10 – Jennie Jerome Churchill

Posted 30 June 2011 by

5 Responses to Episode 10 – Jennie Jerome Churchill

  1. Holly Carter says:

    I just recently discovered you!! Yippee! Your podcast is a treasure! Thank you so much. I have a request for a future podcast, I would love to learn more about Gertrude Stein. She seems like a facinating woman and my knowledge of her is very limited so please, if you will, teach me more. Cheers! Holly

    • The History Chicks says:

      Thanks for writing, Holly! We do keep a master list of women that we will (someday) discuss, and when someone makes a request- we note it. Doing that for Gertrude Stein!

      Thanks for listening, too!

  2. Mary Sarah says:

    Great podcast! It’s great idea and I enjoy listening when I drive back and forth to work. Thanks! You two put in a lot of work for the podcasts and they’re great!

  3. Ruth says:

    Having a lot easier time working out while listening to your awesome podcast. Thank you so very much for your contribution to my life!