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Posted 9 April 2014 by

Links to the coverage we think you might like. (We tend to err  on the side of Let People Discover and Form Opinions for Themselves, but validation of that opinion is always nice, right?)


Kansas City Star feature, “History Chicks Bring Personality to Dusty Subject”  (How we met, where we record, a bit about things we do when not together and why we do what we do)

We were on this excellent Buzzfeed list of 22 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2016.

A little love from HelloGiggles.

Mental Floss put us on a Top 19 History Podcasts list. 19! Not top 20, 19!

Travel and Leisure thinks we’re a great show to download before a trip.

A very beautifully written review in the Taunton Gazette

BBC thinks that we’ll blow your mind, who are we to argue?

Galore Magazine put us on a 16 Girly Podcasts that you need to check out list.

The American Library Association recommends us. *blush*

A very nice review of our website on a book blog, Vulpes Libris.

They like us at The Ohio State

When we won the MixCloud Radio Award

Forbes thinks you should be listening to more women hosted podcasts, including us.

If you google “Women’s History Month” you’ll find a lot of articles about us and you’ll find us on a lot of Must Listen lists which are always great places to find a new-to-you show. Here’s one from NBC News, USA Today, Bustle, Yahoo News, and Pop Sugar.  

The New York Times (well, one of its writers) thinks we’re the “herstory class you wish your college offered.”

The Daily Mail thinks we’re “addictive” and a must-hear. Who are we to argue?

No big deal…Oprah Magazine thinks our “conversational style is appealing and makes for an illuminating lesson each and every episode.” (We lie…big deal, huge.)

Parade Magazine thinks we’re in the top podcasts for women looking “for inspiration, information, and intrigue.” (oh, staahhp, you’re making us blush.) (J/K Please, don’t stop!)

Bustle put us at the top of their list of Women’s History Podcasts!

The Manual thinks we have “nerdy charm” on this list of Seven Educational Podcasts!

C-SPAN thought we were interesting enough to have an hour-long conversation with us! You’ll have to click on over to their website to watch it: 


We appeared in several episodes of the Built series on the History Channel and this LINK TO SEASON TWO will get you to them.