Episode 34 : Josephine Baker (part 1)

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  1. Linda Bea says:

    Hi there HCs. It’s me LB from China. Yes I am still here and still listening to my favorite podcast. I know your little guys are growing up and as they do your wonderful podcast is down to one a month (and I wait patiently for each episode). The time will come when those little guys are big guys and you have time again to do more. There is nothing like HC out there. Believe me, I have looked!
    Anyhow, I just wanted to say sorry, I have not contributed to your broadcasting funds. I try from China but no go, so I promise myself I will next time I’m in the states(this summer).
    I also wanted to ask if you might be interested in doing a podcast on Winston Churchill’s mother, Julia(?). or Marianne North and other 1850’s women world travelers. These women usually had a wealthy father who they began traveling with and then after “papa” passed, they continued on their own. Margret Mee(the British botanical artist) is sort of in this category except she is from our time.
    Thanks again for hanging in there,