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Episode 117: Harriet Tubman

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Most grade school kids will tell you that Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave and conductor on the Underground Railroad which is a great start–but she was so much more! A nurse, a spy, a military leader, a public speaker, a humanitarian, a wife and mother who did everything in her power to keep her family together…and she did it all with a traumatic brain injury.

She was a hero in every sense of the word.

Araminta Ross was born a slave in (most likely) 1822 in Dorchester County, Maryland. She lived the first 27 years of her life as the property of Edward Brodess and his heirs. She endured a hard life that showed her just how cruel and inhumane people can be…until one day she decided to take her fate into her own hands and escape to freedom. She spent the next decade helping others do exactly what she had done earning her the name “Moses of her people.”

Bucktown Village Store where she had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and received a life-altering injury.

She was brave, bold, smart and strong; she was a woman with a deep faith who felt that God was leading her every move. When the Civil War broke out, she headed into the war zone where she did whatever was necessary to help free more enslaved people.

By Horatia Squyer, National Portrait Gallery

She was the only woman in the Civil War who planned and led an armed expedition with the Union Army and when the war ended, although the US government all but turned their backs with a “Harriet, who?” she continued the work she felt God had called her to do. She lived surrounded by family and friends in Auburn, New York, married, adopted a daughter, spoke for women’s suffrage, touched the lives of many from babies to Queen Victoria, and had a special life mission helping the formerly enslaved through their lives.

When Harriet died in 1913, she left a legacy of service, a model of bravery, and some really kick ass stories for us to share and never forget.

by Robert Savon Pious, via wikicommons


Time Travel with the History Chicks


Little kids, great for reading together:


Middle Grade:

It only looks old

Other bios we liked:

And check out all the information that Kate Clifford Larson has compiled on her website about Harriet, it’s really impressive for a biographer to share this much. Harriet Tubman Biography site.

You should read the Bradford biography, but realize that a lot has been changed as historians got involved. You can read it online through Google Books or pick up a copy at your library.



NPS sites along the Underground Railroad in a wide range of US states, and the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park.

There are so many more museums that relate, in some way, to Harriet including the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. and the Harriet Tubman Museum of African American Art, History and Culture in Macon, GA.



Amazon Prime has several documentaries that relate to Harriet, but the one we recommend the highest is the three-part American Experience: The Abolitionists.

There is a feature film called Harriet that is currently being made and should be released in 2019. Here is the IMDB page for it so you can keep an eye out for it’s release.

What role does this guy, Joe Alwyn play?Beckett is seeing him everywhere!

And, perhaps the greatest film version of Harriet Tubman’s story:

Octavia Spencer as Harriet, story told by Crissle West…continued effort to catch the attention of Derek Waters and Friends to have us on Drunk History by The History Chicks.

Memorial statue in New York City (there are a LOT of memorials to her in the US…as there should be!)


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Episode 116: Barbie

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We are Barbie Girls (not really) in a Barbie world (sure, why not?); life in plastic, it’s fantastic! So say the paraphrased lyrics of Aqua’s 1997 hit, Barbie Girl, but how did Barbie’s world get created and who is the mastermind behind it? (more…)

Episode 115: Belle Starr and Calamity Jane

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Everyone has a lesson to teach us, even the hard living, hard drinking, crime breaking ones who bucked convention and survived in a dangerous time and place. These two women of the American wild west fall on a side of the life-choices spectrum that we don’t usually talk about, but it’s time that we did. We thought it was time to tell the stories of two women with fabulous, well-known nicknames that mask who they really were.  (Lady Gaga and Madonna are amazing but come back in 120 years and we’ll talk.) (more…)

Episode 114: Anne Frank

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Anne Frank’s life was only 15 years long, but her legacy? It’s going to outlast us all.


Annelies Marie Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany, second child to Otto and Edith who were both from well-to-do, German Jewish families. Otto was a decorated officer in the German army, well traveled, spent a couple years in the United States and went back to Germany to work at his family’s bank and throat lozenge company. Edith graduated from a Protestant girl’s school, and worked for her family’s business. (more…)

Episode 113: Jane Addams Part 2

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When we left Jane in part one, she and her friend Ellen Gates Starr had just opened Hull House. The Settlement movement in the US was about to take off, and in Chicago the community was embracing the work being done by Jane, Ellen and the many women like them that came to share their time and talents by settling in the impoverished, immigrant community and working together with neighbors to provide social services. (more…)

Episode 112: Jane Addams Part 1

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Library of Congress

Jane Addams is called the “Mother of Social Work”; which is impressive enough, but really doesn’t cover her whole story. You know what else won’t cover her whole story? One episode. Jane’s life was so packed that we decided to  break it into two parts to cover it thoroughly. (If you’re looking for the media recommendations, they’ll be on the shownotes for Part Two.) (more…)

Episode 111: Clara Barton Revisited and Refreshed

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To end the summer we thought we would revisit and remaster our 2011 episode about the life of Clara Barton. Her story touched both of us when we recorded it but she’s come to our minds a lot since then. The lessons from her life, including strength, perseverance, bravery and compassion are ones that we can all use in our lives at any time.


Episode 110: Georgia O’Keeffe

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The line between Georgia O’Keeffe’s childhood in Wisconsin to her death nearly 100 years later is as jagged, complex, colorful, unique, ever- changing and interesting as the vistas outside her final New Mexico homes.


Episode 109: Grace O’Malley

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Gráinne Ui Mháille, Grainne, Granuaile, Gráinne MhaolGrace, That Irish Pirate Queen From the 16th Century…whatever you call her, her life and legacy as a strong, independent, bold, fearless (and yes, criminal) woman doesn’t change.

Statue at Westport House, Co Mayo, Ireland


Episode 108: The Statue of Liberty

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She’s neither alive nor dead; she exists but has never taken a breath; her innards are as hard as steel, but just the sight of her has brought men to grateful, hopeful tears. The Statue of Liberty is a she, which makes her fair game for one of our conversations.