Anne with an “E” Recap: Episode 2

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I am no bird and no net shall ensnare me directed by Helen Shaver

or: Anne canon? We don’t need no stinkin’ Anne canon!

Looking for Anne of Green Gables in Anne with an "E"

Looking for Anne of Green Gables in Anne with an “E” (Courtesy Netflix)

We aren’t fancy enough over here for a Buzzfeed-style quiz but here is our Anne with an “E” Quiz:

Did you, literally or figuratively, throw something and yell at the TV while watching this episode? You’re an Anne Book Loyalist.

Did you not mind the deviation from both the original books and 80s’ Anne? You are not an Anne Book Loyalist.

Using rough math, we figure this episode is 98% true to the book–and even that 2% is open for debate.

You have been warned.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t like it and it certainly doesn’t mean we had nothing to say–we did. A lot. But if you wanted to hear what we had to say you would be listening, not reading. You really just came here for the rules to the Anne With An “E” Drinking Game, didn’t you?

Susan made Diana Barry's Favourite Raspberry Cordial from the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook---then she messed with the recipe so that it only had the vaguest resemblance to the original.

Susan made Diana Barry’s Favorite Raspberry Cordial from the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook—then she messed with the recipe so that it only had the vaguest resemblance to the original.


Anne with an “E” Drinking Game 

Pour yourself a tumblerful of your favorite beverage, and another of something else (perhaps with a bright-red hue) for the middle of the table– to be called “Table Glass” (leave the bottle, you’re gonna need it)– and hit play!

One Ladylike Sip for everyone:

Use of “Scope of Imagination”

Use of “Puffy Sleeves”

Use of “Depths of Despair”

Use of “Cordelia”

Anne tells a tall tale

Anne has one braid undone


Two Thirsty Rachel Lynd Chugs for everyone:

Use of “I’ve always imagined…”

Anne plays the Orphan Card

Action of depths of despair by any character

Gilbert is Friend-Zoned by Anne

Scenery Porn (Those beautiful sweeping shots that look like a PEI Tourism ad)


Bosom Friend, One Sip Share

(Upon each appearance of anything below, the first player to “call” the action chooses someone to drink once with them. Optional degree of dorkability: the two must link arms while they sip):

Use of “Bosom Friend”

Use of “Kindred Spirit”

Gossip—anyone, anytime

Anne/Marilla Eye Conversation


Josie Pye Drink

(First player to “call” the action chooses someone to chug the Table Glass…alone.):

Use of “Vex”

Mensa Anne (Anne quotes literature far beyond her education level)

Mensa Anne Challenge (after a Mensa Anne- if anyone can cite the literature reference they can choose someone else to drink the Table Glass. If they are wrong—they drink it.)

Disproportionate Retribution (Payback/punishment is much stronger than the ‘crime.’)

Purist Loss of Countenance (A grand deviation from Anne canon)


Oh! You really came to get an update on the Anne With An “E” Reading Challenge?

1- Bible (link to BibleGateway)

2- Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte (link to Project Gutenberg)

3-Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen(link to Project Gutenberg)

4-Henry and Emma: A Poem, Upon the Model of The Nut-brown Maid by Matthew Prior (link to

5- If Thou Must Love Me (Sonnet 14) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Link to

Or, perhaps, you wondered about the filming location of the train scenes? Yes, the South Simcoe Railway in Tottingham, Ontario WAS used for filming and here is a link to their site to book your historic train excursion (or just go look at the pretty pictures.)

via wikicommons

via wikicommons


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